Day Trip #5- Summer Nationals Car Show

A few years back we found a car show that went on for a long weekend over the 4th of July. We absolutely fell in love with this car show because it was a way to enjoy the holiday and get out and about for a bit. We have tried to attend every year since but sadly this past July (2014) the show had been canceled.

We thought we’d share with you some of the fun we had back in 2013 in hopes that the car show will happen again this year. Some of the events that take place are drag racing and burnout competitions. We love the burnouts and found that the 2013 event was great because of the set up. (Who really loves smoke from burning rubber blowing in their faces?) It was held at the Thompson Motor Speedway in Thompson, Connecticut but is usually held in Worcester Massachusetts.

This is a video of some of the burnouts (and a little extra from Dave!)

We got to see some really great cars that were on display. These are just a few pictures of what we saw.


Vacation Countdown~ 96 days left!!

Usually shows are not our thing. We usually will slip right past them and find relief, almost as if we had just dodged bullets. One show we try to see is Universal Orlando’s Horror Makeup Show. It is located in Universal Studios theme park and is directly across from Mel’s Drive In. The last time we visited we of course had to stop and see it.

Located directly inside the theatre entrance was horror movie memorabilia or objects that had been in a horror movie. It was a lot of fun to see. After the memorabilia you are ushered into a small theatre where the show is put on. The show basically shows the audience how makeup and props were used in movies to create and tell scary stories. They incorporated movie clips and props to thoroughly entertain us. By choosing audience members to interact with the host, the show moved along nicely and we often found ourselves laughing.

Universal Orlando’s Horror Makeup Show was a fun and entertaining way to get out of the hot Orlando sun and into the dark cavernous hole that is horror. Seeing the evolution of how makeup and props have been used throughout the history of horror movies was great. It’s great for anyone because the show isn’t really scary even though it’s all about horror.

Have you ever seen the show? Let us know in the comments!

Day Trip # 4- Outlet shopping

We decided to take advantage of the nice weather we were getting after Hurricane Arthur. We didn’t take a direct hit or anything but we certainly got rain and wind and lots of it! It unfortunately messed up a lot of things that were planned for the 4th of July, not just our plans but everyone’s. The local fireworks shows were all put off until delay dates but it became too difficult to keep track of which city was having their fireworks show and when. But now onto the calm after the storm, shopping at the Merrimack Premium Outlets, located in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

We had never been to the outlets before and since we are on the hunt for vacation clothes and luggage we thought we would check out the luggage. It doesn’t take us too long to get to so mid morning we decided to hop in the car and venture out. The traffic wasn’t bad at all which leads us to think that most people haven’t come home from their 4th of July extravaganzas.

The shopping outlet itself is a really nice set up. It is essentially outdoor walking to each store, perfect for the weather we were having. It is really clean and set up in an easily accessible fashion. We didn’t think that the prices, since it is outlet shopping, were much different than the local stores we have at home. We did hear a lot of French speaking people which leads us to believe that many Canadians were visiting the area. We also noticed this in Kittery, Maine outlets too. For them, the prices are much cheaper than in Canada.

They did have a few luggage places but we didn’t see anything that the Mrs. has been searching for. The prices were not really any better than our local malls so there was no rush to purchase anything. We’re all about the research, as we’ve shared a lot, it’s all about getting the right price even if that means waiting a little bit. Thank goodness we have no kids, that wouldn’t go over well.

There were plenty of stores to check out. Here are some of the ones we looked in: Under Armour, Skechers, Reebok, Lindt Chocolate, Aeropostale and many many more. They also offer a small food court to have lunch inside or outside.

Let us know what day trips you have planned this summer!

Vacation Countdown! 111 days left!!

In today’s post we thought we would highlight Men In Black-Alien Attack, located in Universal Studios. This is an interactive ride that allows a group of “agents in training” to shoot their way through an alien attack through the streets of New York. Each alien hit gives you points, which is tallied up with the rest of your fellow riders. It is then rated against another team of riders that were simultaneously riding while your team is. The highest number of points determines the winner, although there is no real prize other than personal satisfaction.

Usually Men In Black has a fairly decent wait time when we’ve been in the parks. No matter how long we always make it a point to wait anyways because the indoor queue area is air conditioned and nicely themed to make guests feel like aliens had really taken over. It usually makes for some pictures to remember the ride by.

Mrs. Travelers gets a little frustrated with this one because no matter how hard she tries she never gets any points. Well she gets some but it’s usually the lowest, like lower than the kids on the same cart as us. Mr. Travelers likes that part of the ride because he’s really good at video games so for him it’s like sitting at home on the couch.

The exit of the ride offers guests the opportunity to purchase a picture of themselves during the ride. We don’t always purchase every picture they offer but if the picture is good or really funny we usually will buy it. We recommend at least checking it out to see if it’s worth it. Sometimes they come out terrible and would not be memorable let alone worth the money. Then the rider is moved along to the Men in Black Store before finally being able to get back outside.

Located right outside the store is a Coca Cola cool off area. It’s mostly bright red and hard to miss although it is somewhat off to the side. On really warm days it will spray mist into the air. So if you are in that area and in need of a cool down this is the perfect spot.

Here is a different view of Men In Black
Leave us a comment about your Universal moments or Men In Black memories!

Day Trip #3~ Mystic Connecticut


We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last August. We went and spent the day in Mystic Connecticut. It’s only a few hours drive from us so off we went on a beautiful but warm August day to see what Mystic had to offer. We were excited to visit the aquarium, the little shopping village and of course the seaport.

To start our day we visited the Mystic Aquarium. We were thrilled to find the weather held up and was perfect. The aquarium is set up in a way that you have to walk outside at some points to get to some exhibits and other exhibits were completely outside.
Here are some of the outdoor animals we found.

There were many tanks displayed inside as well. They have a large array of different fishy animals set up.

Here are pics and a video from their jelly fish exhibit, Jellies in Motion.

They also offer a sting ray exhibit that allows you to touch the them. You can even purchase sting ray food and feed them.

They also offer a Spongebob Square Pants movie available for a separate admission than the aquarium admission price in their 4-D theatre. They have a fairly decent sized cafe offering various sandwiches and lunch type food and a souvenir shop that had lots of fun trinkets.

We found the aquarium to be quite enjoyable. It definitely has a lot to offer for anyone that is interested in seeing marine life, especially ones they wouldn’t normally get to see. It is a great place for kids and families and we look forward to getting to visit again.

We briefly walked throught the Mystic Village. It is a little area you can walk around in that has a lot of cute and unique shops. We enjoyed checking out everything there was to trying out the fudge at various shops. It isn’t a place that we could spend an entire day but we surely enjoyed the experience.

We also walked along the Mystic Seaport which was really nice. They also offer tours along the water and through the old historical houses for additional fees. We didn’t actually do this as we were way too tired from walking around all day long. On our next trip we intend to start at the seaport.

Let us know about your summer day trips or new places in New England we should visit!