Week In Review


It feels as though Summer is flying by even though the first official day of summer was this past Sunday. It probably has to do with the extremely brutal and depressing winter we had this year or maybe it’s just because I know we are getting closer and closer to another winter. Any who, another week has gone by so I bring to you another Week In Review!

AK_TRPLAZA_7328776412 Monday 6/22/15- On this day we shared our experience in The Magic Kingdom attempting to complete our mission, Finding Pascal. Not many people are aware that there are hidden Pascals (the chameleon from Tangled) located in front of Rapunzel’s Tower. Check out the post to see if we were able to spot him!

beauty-blogger-award (1) Tuesday 6/23/15- This day’s post was about completing the Beauty Blogger Award that Natalie was kind enough to nominate me for. Check it out to see all my beauty related answers to her questions and to see if you were nominated!

DSC05142 Wednesday 6/24/15- If you are a Disney fan, like us, you will enjoy this post all about Disney’s Boardwalk. This was our first time visiting the Boardwalk so we thought we’d share our experience.

 Thursday 6/25/15-  Are you surprised that I have another Nail Haul to share with you? If you follow my blog than surely you are not surprised! Check out this post to see all the new polishes I purchased, I included swatches for each polish.

DSC05978 Friday 6/26/15-  I was finally able to purchase the Target Beauty Box! Check out this post to see what was in the June box!

DSC05987 Saturday 6/27/15- Not only was I able to purchase Target’s June Beauty Box, on a whim I purchased the Men’s Target Beauty Box for the husband! I didn’t even realize that they offered one for men. Check it out to see what was in June’s box and whether Dave liked it’s contents!

Well that wraps another week! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Week In Review. I am currently working on a better blogging schedule. I do still intend on posting daily but I am going to try and schedule certain themes on a particular day. I’m not sure how well it will work but if I don’t try I will never know. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!


Finding Pascal


Photo By- Luong Nguyen

If you’ve seen Disney’s Tangled than you probably are aware of Rapunzel’s small friend Pascal, the colorful chameleon, but did you know that there are Pascal’s hidden in The Magic Kingdom? Just like the hidden Mickey’s, Pascal is hidden throughout the area behind the Haunted Mansion, right in front of Rapunzel’s tower.


During this trip, having just learned about the hidden Pascals we decided that we were on a mission to find him. There is a small sign that we did find that tells about the hidden Pascals although it doesn’t mention how many there actually are.

During our mission here’s what we were able to find-





Wait a second, that’s not Pascal! 🙂



By the end of our mission we had found Pascal!!!!


Did you know about the hidden Pascals? Have you been able to find him? Let us know in the comments!