Surviving Blizzard # 3

Living in New Hampshire can be a lot of fun. We get all 4 seasons and each offer some really great things. This winter we have been getting slammed with snow. Now I know, we live in New Hampshire, snow is expected but let’s get real here. We haven’t had this much snow in so little time. There is no place left to put it all.

As I write this we are a few hours away from another 12-18 inches arriving and our patience has been worn thin if not completely gone! Check out the video below of us driving to the store to pick up some snacks. Keep in mind this is after 2 other storms!


Day Trip #5- Summer Nationals Car Show

A few years back we found a car show that went on for a long weekend over the 4th of July. We absolutely fell in love with this car show because it was a way to enjoy the holiday and get out and about for a bit. We have tried to attend every year since but sadly this past July (2014) the show had been canceled.

We thought we’d share with you some of the fun we had back in 2013 in hopes that the car show will happen again this year. Some of the events that take place are drag racing and burnout competitions. We love the burnouts and found that the 2013 event was great because of the set up. (Who really loves smoke from burning rubber blowing in their faces?) It was held at the Thompson Motor Speedway in Thompson, Connecticut but is usually held in Worcester Massachusetts.

This is a video of some of the burnouts (and a little extra from Dave!)

We got to see some really great cars that were on display. These are just a few pictures of what we saw.

Bentley enjoying the snow!

I don’t want to continue complaining about the snow but seriously this is ridiculous! We’ve got no place to put it but at least Bentley seems to be enjoying it even if it’s taller than she is!

Surviving Blizzard #2- 2015

So once again we have been slammed by Mother Nature. Now we live in New Hampshire so we are not strangers to snow but this is on a whole different level. The first storm brought us 30 inches of snow. It was so bad that everything was closed and driving bans were put in place. Normally Bentley, our German Shepherd who loves to be outside wouldn’t even budge. Dave had to snowblow her a path in the backyard.

This second storm wasn’t quite as bad but considering it immediately followed storm # 1 we no longer have space to put any of the snow. The only plus side is that it’s already February and Spring has to be around the corner, regardless of what the groundhog says!

The Blizzard of 2015: We survived!

Most of New England got slammed in the past few days. We were not spared. We accumulated about 30″ of snow. The wind was whipping and the snow drifts were insane. Now we’ve lived in New England for most of our lives (the wife actually all her life) but there’s something about a storm like this that we will never enjoy! But luckily we managed to survive and we didn’t even lose power!
Here’s a little video of what was going on outside our house!

And of course some pictures of the aftermath!