Nail Art #46- Spooky!


In preparation for Halloween, the happiest time of the year 🙂 , I had purchased a bunch of nail decals. This past weekend my mother was over and wanted me to paint her nails. I decided it was time to get going with the spooky decals. Now I must admit that the cleanup process is not easy when it comes to my mother’s hands. She has psoriasis on her hands that can get really bad. I try to not use a lot of nail polish remover so as not to aggravate the area more than it already is. So disregard all the dryness to the skin surrounding her nails. She can’t help it and if she could, she would!

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Nail Art #45- Candy Corn

It’s time for my latest nail art! I was trying to stick with the Halloween theme for this one.


Here is how I created this look-

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Nail Art #44- Magentic


A little while back I bought a set of magnetic nail polish through Ebay. I was really excited to try them out. This particular set that I bought is from As Seen On TV. Usually I don’t buy products like this but I figured that the polish looked cool. I had been wanting to try out magnetic nail polish for a little bit so when I saw it for sale for $9.99 I just decided to buy it on a whim .

The kit is really easy to use. Basically you just need to apply 1-2 coats of polish on the nail and then hold the magnet over the polish. The magnet should not touch the polish but it does need to be placed very close to the nail. After holding the magnet over the nail for about 30 seconds you should be able to see the marks left on the polish. It is important to note that the polish does need to be wet so I found the best way to complete this process was to paint each nail and immediatly use the magnet before moving along to the next nail.

This set contained 4 polishes and 4 magnets. Each magnet has it’s own different design.

Here is the first try with the purple(ish) color and horizontally lined magnet.

Above is a different angle and a closer picture of the backside of the magnet.

The picture above is with both purple and pink polishes.

Overall I enjoyed trying this type of polish out. It was easy to use but the only downfall that I found is that sometimes the magnetic design doesn’t come out great, or as prominent as I think it should. I don’t know if it is because of a problem with the polish, the magnet or both. Have you tried this type of polish before? Let me know in the comments!

Nail Art #43- Tell Me About It Stud!


Isn’t it absolutely the worst when you break a nail? For me, it’s tramatic, even though my husband would tell me I was being a baby! Doesn’t he understand how long it takes to grow them out? Well I clumsily managed to break a nail on my right hand’s ring finger. But this wasn’t just a break, this was almost half of my nail! I know horrific right? So sadly, I decided the time had come to clip them all so that they were all the same length hence the short nails in the pictures. This picture had about a week and a half to grow out after clipping them. Keep reading to see how I completed this look.

  • I started out with a base coat by Nutra Nail.


  • I then applied 2 coats of Damsel by Julie.
  • Once that was completely dry I applied a quick dry top coat by Sally Hansen.
  • After allowing time for all the polish to dry I then applied a coat of Cina bonding top coat onto the nail and quickly placed a nail stud close to my cuticle. To do this I used a sticky pencil purchased through Miss A. A dotting tool can be used in place of the sticky pencil.

Well that completes this look. Here is another picture-


Do you like to use studs for your nail art? Let me know in the comments!

New Fun Nail Decals!

About 2 weeks ago I received an order of nail art decals that I had placed through Lush Nail Art. I was so excited when it arrived and even more excited to have found such a fun nail art shop. They offer all different kinds of nail decals including seasonal, holidays and even some of your favorite Disney characters! Of course, I instantly fell in love.

Here is what I ordered.


Mickey Nautical shaped decals

Cinderella decals

Mickey head shaped decals

Black cat decals

Frozen decals

The Little Mermaid decals

Star Wars skull decals

Beauty and the Beast decals

Mickey head with Mickey Star Wars decals

Star Wars head decals

Disney villains decals


R2-D2 decals

I have to admit that I’ve already started using the Disney Villains decals and they are fairly easy to use. I basically cut them off the bigger pieces and then floated them in water. Using tweezers I removed the decal from the paper backing and placed them on my already painted nails. I then used a top coat to seal it on. They are  also inexpensive through Lush Nail Art which is why I ordered a few. Sorry that the pictures are not very good. I found these did not photograph easily!

Do you like to use nail decals? Or have you placed an order through Lush Nail Art before? Let me know in the comments!