Week In Review


It feels as though Summer is flying by even though the first official day of summer was this past Sunday. It probably has to do with the extremely brutal and depressing winter we had this year or maybe it’s just because I know we are getting closer and closer to another winter. Any who, another week has gone by so I bring to you another Week In Review!

AK_TRPLAZA_7328776412 Monday 6/22/15- On this day we shared our experience in The Magic Kingdom attempting to complete our mission, Finding Pascal. Not many people are aware that there are hidden Pascals (the chameleon from Tangled) located in front of Rapunzel’s Tower. Check out the post to see if we were able to spot him!

beauty-blogger-award (1) Tuesday 6/23/15- This day’s post was about completing the Beauty Blogger Award that Natalie was kind enough to nominate me for. Check it out to see all my beauty related answers to her questions and to see if you were nominated!

DSC05142 Wednesday 6/24/15- If you are a Disney fan, like us, you will enjoy this post all about Disney’s Boardwalk. This was our first time visiting the Boardwalk so we thought we’d share our experience.

 Thursday 6/25/15-  Are you surprised that I have another Nail Haul to share with you? If you follow my blog than surely you are not surprised! Check out this post to see all the new polishes I purchased, I included swatches for each polish.

DSC05978 Friday 6/26/15-  I was finally able to purchase the Target Beauty Box! Check out this post to see what was in the June box!

DSC05987 Saturday 6/27/15- Not only was I able to purchase Target’s June Beauty Box, on a whim I purchased the Men’s Target Beauty Box for the husband! I didn’t even realize that they offered one for men. Check it out to see what was in June’s box and whether Dave liked it’s contents!

Well that wraps another week! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Week In Review. I am currently working on a better blogging schedule. I do still intend on posting daily but I am going to try and schedule certain themes on a particular day. I’m not sure how well it will work but if I don’t try I will never know. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!


The Beauty Blogger Award!

beauty-blogger-award (1)

Thank you to the sweet and kind Natalie from Natalie’s Mostly Disney Blog. She has a wonderful blog that mostly revolves around all things Disney. Please check her out and see all of her great thoughts on Disney!


1.State the name of the person who nominated you.

2.Answer the questions asked by the person that nominated you.

3.List 10 random facts about yourself.

4.Nominate 15 bloggers whose blogs are about fashion or beauty. ( I went with 10 of my favorites…. besides aren’t rules made to be broken??)

5.The people who you nominate have to have under 200 followers. (I tried my best but I went with some of my favorite beauty bloggers!)

6.Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

Natalie’s Questions:

1.What is the makeup product you can not live without?

Chap Stick or lip gloss. I take that stuff with me everywhere.

2.What is your least favorite makeup product to put on?

I would say eyeliner! I can’t really draw a straight line so that in and of itself it a problem!

3.There is a fire,and you can only grab three things. What would those three things be?

My dog (assuming my husband is already out!) My nail polish but that would be impossible because there are so many! Jewelry that was given to my from my grandmother.

4.How long does it take you to put on a full face of makeup?

Awhile because I’m not very good at it!

5. Do you wear makeup everyday?

I usually don’t wear it everyday mostly because I feel like I don’t apply it correctly.

6.What is your clothing style like?

I have been told that I dress like an old lady by my sister. I can’t help it though! I am very modest when it comes to clothing. Plus I work with an older crowd and it wouldn’t really help me career wise if I was dressed really young looking!

7.What is your favorite makeup brand?

I’d have to say it depends on what the product is. If it’s for my lips my favorite is a Mary Kay exfoliator. It works so well for me since I am a lip chewer and constantly get chunks of skin that like to hang off.

8.How about least favorite?

I don’t know about a least favorite brand but I can tell you a product that covers all brands that I just generally dislike. It’s red lipstick. It looks so nice on other people but it just looks so cheap on me!

9.When did you start wearing makeup, and what did you wear?

I started wearing makeup in middle school. I would wear all of it, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow. Basically anything that I owned at that time.

10.How old are you?

I am 30 years old!

My Random Facts:

  • I am a huge reality tv junkie. The worse the show is the more I like it!
  • I prefer to dye and cut my hair myself rather than going to a salon.
  • I am terrified of heights.
  • I have a weird infatuation with old documentaries, mostly featuring WWII.
  • I have spent at least 5 years working on my family tree.
  • I am American but adore the British Royal Family.
  • My dog Bentley is my best bud! At least she doesn’t talk back!
  • I have 3 tattoos, all on my back.
  • I have an obsession with nail polish.
  • If it’s sparkly or covered in glitter I will more than likely like it!

Now it’s time to nominate some beauty bloggers!



Dream and Dazzle


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Teen Girl Paradise

Country Girl Em

Beauty-full Dreams

My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite makeup brand?
  2. Is there a product that you can not live without?
  3. Do you prefer to use inexpensive or more expansive products?
  4. Do you like to use products from other countries than the one you reside in?
  5. What is the most $$ you’ve ever spent on a product?
  6. Have you ever used a product that was just terrible? If so which one?
  7. Do you have a face cleansing routine? Is so what is it?
  8. Do you prefer to purchase your products in store or online? Why?

So I went with 8 questions because I couldn’t really think up anymore! I hope you have a fun time completing this award. I look forward to reading your answers!