My First Trip to Disney Land!


I have just returned from my first visit to Disney Land and I have so much that I want to share! Having been a Disney fanatic for my whole life I knew that if I had the opportunity to visit the place that started it all I would do it in a heart beat, and now it’s actually happened.

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Memorable Photos- Funky Hats! #2

Most of you probably already know that we love to have fun while on vacation. One way we do this is to try and take some memorable photos. Most of the theme parks will herd you towards a gift shop as an exit to an attraction and a lot of times this is where we have the most fun.

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Mickey’s Boo To You Parade

Well as you can tell this post is a little late but as I get ready to leave for Disney Land I figured I might as well share our experience. Plus it’s never to early to start planning that Halloween vacation! 🙂

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The Sugar Factory


International Drive in Orlando is home to tons of fun things. One of the places that we have visited before was I360, the new home to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and the Orlando Eye. The first time we visited we made sure to check it all out. This past trip included only enough time for a stop at the Eye. On our way back to our vehicle I spotted The Sugar Factory and knew I had to go in.

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