Raptor Experience

DSC06475 (2)

On one of our last trips to Universal Orlando, we were lucky enough to be able to have our own experience with a Raptor. It was a lot of fun and the way everything was set up was interesting. This was a little while ago so I’m sure they have worked out a better way to have this experience.

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Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Kitchen- Review


The Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Kitchen is one of Universal Studios Orlando’s newest additions. Not only is it a fun and exciting place to eat but it also provides a great place to stop just to get a glimpse at all the yummy deserts that they serve.

Toothsome offers 2 great options: sit and dine in or order a desert to go. Of course it’s all so delicous that we had to try both, on different days of course!

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Restaurant Review- Cowfish


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Our favorite Youtubers!

We thought that we would use a post as a way to share our favorite Youtubers. We follow these people because they reside in Orlando and also have annual passes to Universal Studios and Disney World. They often take trips to the parks and share their experiences through their Youtube channels.

We have found their videos extremely helpful because they basically keep us up to date with all things Universal and Disney. For us, it’s difficult to be truly up to date because we live in New England.

Here are the 2 that we follow regularly.

TheTimTracker-  Tim and Jenn are a fun couple that seem to love all things Disney and Universal Studios. They try to regularly visit the parks and share their experiences on their Youtube channel. We have followed them for a few years now and have found their tips and recommendations to be so helpful. They are the folks that gave us the idea to try 4 Rivers Smokehouse Restaurant and we were not disappointed. We are actually still dreaming about their food! Below is one of their videos of visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

View From the Cheap Seats– Kyle, Mary and Jessie are a great family that often visit the Disney and Universal Parks. Their interests seem to be pretty similar to ours so we love checking out their vlogs. We actually found their channel from TheTimTracker. They also live in Orlando and try to show as much about the parks as they can. They enjoy doing lots of other things than just the parks. We enjoy watching them because they also show us what is going on around Orlando. They love Star Wars and we hope we might be able to bump into them during Star Wars Weekend. They also have their own website: View From the Cheap Seats. Below is a video of their adventure to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California.

We hope that if you intend to visit the parks or Orlando that you check these vloggers out. We have found their recommendations to be extremely helpful. If you have no plans to visit you should still check out their channels and like us live vicariously through them!

Vacation Picture Favorites!


If you follow our blog then you probably already know that we are sort of obsessed with taking tons of pictures during our vacations. It’s become our thing to do and we are always trying to figure out new ways to make our pictures memorable. In this post we are going to share some of our favorite photos from past vacations. We hope that it will inspire you to take fun photos on your next vacation too!


Us enjoying a drink outside Margaritaville at City Walk.


Us trying out Antojito’s for the first time! (At CityWalk)


Laura and her mom sitting on a cowfish. (At CityWalk)


The two of us enjoying the Star Wars items at Downtown Disney.


Dave fixing a flat tire on our rental car! 😦


Dave with the shrunken head in London, Universal Studios.


Dave outside of Beetlejuice’s Graveyard at Universal Studios.


Us just relaxing in Springfield, Universal Studios.


Laura in front of the hippy/Day of the Dead van in CityWalk.


Laura trying to pick up a zombie in Universal Studios.


Laura and her mom waiting to start a behind the scenes tour of Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios.


Dave and Doc Brown staring each other down at Universal Studios!


Dave, Laura and her Mom and yes it looks like Laura is being felt up by Bart Simpson at Universal Studios!


Laura and Betty Boop at Islands of Adventure.


Laura and Dave flexing their muscles with Wreck it Ralph at Disney Quest.

We hope you enjoyed checking out some of our favorite pictures we’ve taken during our vacations. With good weather finally arriving we hope it will inspire you to take memorable and fun photos of your vacations and adventures!