Star Wars Character Breakfast at the Sci Fi Diner

One of the most memorable experiences that we had during our trip to Disney for Star Wars Weekend was having breakfast with the characters at the Sci Fi Diner. While planning our trip we didn’t think we would have the opportunity to to do this because all the reservations seemed to be filled up. Persistence paid off and we just kept checking the Disney website until a spot finally opened up!

The breakfast began with a photo op with Darth Vader and Bobba Fett. We were so thrilled for the opportunity. Laura really wanted to get a picture hugging Vader but the line was really getting long and we didn’t want to push our luck. Looking back she should have just done it!


We were then seated in our little vehicle that is also a table before being given a menu. We didn’t do much research about the food options before we ventured to Disney, mostly because we were just so excited to have been able to get reservations.


After being seated we were delivered menus by our fabulous waitress who we must give major props to! She was so kind and quick. Whenever she delivered anything to our table she was so fast that we didn’t even notice she had been there until we saw something new in front of us!


The first item she brought to us was a whole bunch of yummy sweet goodness! It included vanilla creme turnovers, puff pastry sticks, cinnamon rolls and double chocolate brownies! Our favorites were the vanilla creme turnovers with the Vader head on them. They were just so delicious!

In the meantime our waitress delivered us some orange juice and coffee which is what we opted for. They also offered sodas, blue milk and even mimosas. After our drinks arrived the food just kept coming! We were then given fresh fruit cups and greek yogurt with granola toppings. The melon Yoda was really cool and of course Disney had to add the Star Wars effect!


The next item we received were our entrees. There was so  many to choose from including the Imperial Delight, Darth Vader Waffles and the Ackbar Surprise. Dave opted for the Tatooine Sunrise which included scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and breakfast potatoes which he really enjoyed.


Laura opted for the Imperial Delight. It was a macadamia crusted french toast with mascarpone and fresh berries.  The berries were the largest berries we had ever seen and the french toast was incredibly good.

While we were eating our breakfast we had some visitors. Watching them interact with other guests while we ate was a lot of fun. The entertainment value was priceless. Here are some pictures of the characters we saw!




And another visit from a colorful Stormtrooper!


Overall our breakfast was awesome! We had an incredibly delicious meal that really can’t be compared to any other breakfast we’ve ever had. Disney really out did themselves on this one. Our waitress was just delightful and the overall experience was incredible. Certainly one we will not be forgetting anytime soon!


Oh and we can’t forget about our lightsabers we received when we exited the restaurant. Now we can have our own battle at home! Who do you think would win?


Dinner at the Rebel Hanger



We were lucky enough to get dinner reservations for The Rebel Hanger. Located in Hollywood Studios and converted from The Backlot Express, this was a perfect place to really get into the theming of Star Wars.



The interior had been enhanced to bring you right into the world of a galaxy far far away! Each table had a Star Wars centerpiece and really brought a little flair to the atmosphere. There was also decorations all throughout the restaurant.




The menu offered appetizers, small dinner plates, desserts and drinks all wrapped up in Star Wars theming. The small plates included Chips and Sith, Trio of Thermal Detonators and the Dark Fried. Dessert included a Yoda key lime cake and a trio of mini cupcakes.


We both opted for the The Slider Sampler. It included two sliders called The Sith and The Jedi. One was a barbecue pulled brisket with coleslaw and the other was a barbecue pulled chicken with arugula and a side of house made chips. They both were delicious but we both seemed to prefer the barbecue pulled chicken.

They also offered a bunch of drink options including blue milk, Dagobah Swamp Juice and Odwalla Pomegranate Limeade. We did try the pomegranate limeade and it was really good. This particular drink was offered in different spots throughout the park as well.



We also got quite a surprise. The restaurant did not offer a character dinner but while we were waiting on our food someone decided to pop in and we were lucky enough to get a picture with Greedo!

Overall our experience at the Rebel Hangar was awesome! The food and drinks were great and the theming made the experience even better. We were really lucky to have been able to make these reservations before we arrived in the World. The place was so busy and without reservations we wouldn’t have been able to eat there. Greedo showing up just added to the incredible atmosphere!

Star Wars Weekends 2015- Merchandise


During Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Weekends 2015 event there was a lot of merchandise for any Disney or Star Wars fan. We noticed in a poll we had done a few weeks back that some of our viewers were interested in seeing merchandise being offered at the event. Not only was there merchandise available throughout Hollywood Studios but there was also a specialty store called Darth’s Mall filled with all sorts of Star Wars related items.

Here is some of the things we saw available for purchase.


Star Wars Magic Bands Charms


Star Wars books

DSC05272Jedi Mickey stuffed animal & Jedi Duffy stuffed animal


Star Wars Weekend limited release pin


Star Wars Weekend Darth Vader glove snowglobe


Bobba Fett stein




Many varieties of t-shirts

.We were also lucky enough to get a set of collectible Star Wars pins. The pins are a little different than Disney’s pins used for trading. We hope to share the new set of pins with you in another post that will include all the merchandise we purchased.

Do any of these items tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments below!

Star Wars Weekend 2015


Our Disney/Star Wars Weekend vacation is over and we had an amazing time! It’s a little sad to think that it’s over but now it’s time to look forward to our Universal trip in October!

This was our first time we have attended this event and as with everything comes the pros and cons. We figured we’d share them here with you in case you decide to attend this or other events in the future.


Star Wars theming

Star Wars characters and shows

Star Wars merchandise and food

Star Wars + Disney


Ridiculously long wait times

Reservations needed for everything

The crowds of people

Now we must start out by saying we are not new to Disney. We both have been dozens of times so we expected it to be busy but this was busy on a whole other level. For starters it appeared that Disney has no maximum capacity limit because if they did you certainly wouldn’t have known it.

Throughout the day there were different things going on to celebrate the event including character meet and greets, dining options, a parade and a show. Most would assume that this is a wonderful idea but we disagree. For example, the parade started at 11 a.m. but people had already filled up the parade route by around 9:30 a.m. Keep in mind the park didn’t open till 9 a.m. So if you wanted to spend most of your day sitting around holding a spot and not having the opportunity to do anything else well then I guess it’s great for you, but certainly not us!

They also held a nighttime show called Symphony in the Stars. We thoroughly enjoyed the show which included characters being brought out on the stage and a large fireworks extravaganza. While we enjoyed the show what we did not enjoy was having to save spots to view the show for 2 hours! Yup, 2 long hours next to complete drunk strangers that had been sweating all day long! Now some may find enjoyment doing this, but for us, it’s not our cup of tea.


Sorry that this appears to be a rant because it’s not meant to be that way. The thing about us is that we are always honest about our experiences because  we spent a lot of money to make this trip! While we knew that the park would be busy we never thought it would be so busy that it made it really hard to enjoy ourselves.


Another thing to note was that it was near impossible to get on any rides! To start the Rock’n Roller Coaster was closed. We have no idea why but it was. The Tower of Terror had a 2 1/2 hour wait and Toy Story Mid Way Mania was even longer. Even the Muppets show was over an hour long which we have never seen it exceed a 15 minute wait before.

We did have some great experiences with the Star Wars breakfast and dinner. We were lucky enough to have had reservations that we booked way back in March. Had we not done those reservations then there would have been no way we could have done either the breakfast or the dinner. We won’t share too much about those just yet though, those posts will be coming in the future.

Have you ever attended an event in Disney like this? Let us know in the comments!