Mickey’s Boo To You Parade

Well as you can tell this post is a little late but as I get ready to leave for Disney Land I figured I might as well share our experience. Plus it’s never to early to start planning that Halloween vacation! 🙂

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My first Dole Whip!!!



I have finally been able to experience my first Dole Whip. How this Magic Kingdom staple has always eluded me is something I can not figure out? After 10+ trips it finally happened.

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Finding Pascal


Photo By- Luong Nguyen

If you’ve seen Disney’s Tangled than you probably are aware of Rapunzel’s small friend Pascal, the colorful chameleon, but did you know that there are Pascal’s hidden in The Magic Kingdom? Just like the hidden Mickey’s, Pascal is hidden throughout the area behind the Haunted Mansion, right in front of Rapunzel’s tower.


During this trip, having just learned about the hidden Pascals we decided that we were on a mission to find him. There is a small sign that we did find that tells about the hidden Pascals although it doesn’t mention how many there actually are.

During our mission here’s what we were able to find-





Wait a second, that’s not Pascal! 🙂



By the end of our mission we had found Pascal!!!!


Did you know about the hidden Pascals? Have you been able to find him? Let us know in the comments!

Magic Kingdom on Halloween 2014

For the first time ever we spent Halloween at the Magic Kingdom and we had tons of fun! During the Halloween season, the Magic Kingdom hosts a Halloween party called “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.” It allows guests to the park to dress up, which is nice because most theme parks do not allow its guests to dress up. Once the park closes to regular guests, it stays open for guests with tickets to the party. The children get to walk around and trick or treat for candy. What better way to spend Halloween?

The only downside to spending Halloween in the park was that it was really crowded. We’ve seen the parks be crowded before but this was on a whole other level. The lines were very long. The upside was that guests were dressed in their Halloween costumes so it was fun to look around and see what everyone was dressed as. We didn’t anticipate being in Disney on Halloween so sadly we did not have costumes.

We did get to check out the new store named Memento Mori. It is a gift shop that is completely themed around the Haunted Mansion. It hadn’t been opened for very long in October so we had to check it out. The items in the shop were really cool. They had all sorts of different things that one would think could be found in the Haunted Mansion. We’d love to, one day, purchase the dishes they offer with the Haunted Mansion logo all over it.

It wouldn’t be a Halloween trip unless we made a stop at the Haunted Mansion so of course we did. It did break down while we were on it but luckily it wasn’t down for very long and we got to complete the ride.

Overall we had a great time during our visit to the Magic Kingdom and we can’t wait to get back there!