Raptor Experience

DSC06475 (2)

On one of our last trips to Universal Orlando, we were lucky enough to be able to have our own experience with a Raptor. It was a lot of fun and the way everything was set up was interesting. This was a little while ago so I’m sure they have worked out a better way to have this experience.

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A Visit to Hogsmeade!


A few years back we had our first experience in Hogsmeade and we were thrilled to be able to visit again. We started out by heading into Universal Studios and went immediately to London. We couldn’t wait to hop on the Hogwart’s Express and ride on over to Hogsmeade.

Our first stop was the Three Broomsticks tavern. We had breakfast reservations that were included in our package deal. The restaurant itself was really cool and we enjoyed looking at all the detailed decorations around the place. The only downside was the food. It was basically a predetermined menu with 3 options. The three plate options included scrambled eggs which most people enjoy. I do not eat eggs so I found the options to be very limited although Dave seemed to enjoy it. It also included orange juice, milk or coffee.

Once we were done we headed back into Hogsmeade and immediately got in line for The Forbidden Journey. It is one of our favorite rides in the Universal Studios Resort. We love getting to walk through Hogwart’s Academy. It’s like walking through the movie with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Once we were finished on The Forbidden Journey we ventured back out to Hogsmeade. At this point the parks were opened to the general ticket holders and the area was bustling. It was a little difficult to navigate through and see everything that we wanted to. The shops are extremely small and don’t allow for a lot of park guests to be in them at one time so we quickly meandered through them and then hurried back outside. Even having an extra hour before the parks opened to general ticket holders didn’t allow enough time for us to be able to see everything with the comfort of not being elbow to elbow with strangers.

Overall we still love Hogsmeade and can’t wait to visit again. Hopefully our next trip will be October 2015!