Miss A Haul

This is my 2nd order through Miss A and because I’ve been loving the stuff I got in my first order I decided to place a 2nd. I actually ordered more than what I am going to share but only because some of it I gave to my mother. I gave her a pair of sunglasses that I am not able to use. I ordered them because they seemed like they would fit over my regular glasses but they ended up being too small. I also gave her a lip gloss because I managed to order 2 of them and a foundation because the color was a little too dark on me.

Here’s what I ordered-


Temporary Tattoos

These are some small tattoos. I thought they looked cool and that maybe I could use them when I take pictures of my nail art. I haven’t used them yet, mostly because I keep forgetting about them. The one’s on the left side actually wrap around your finger and are supposed to look like a ring.


Starry Sexy Kiss lip plumping gloss

This is a light pink lip gloss that is said to make them look fuller and leave them smooth and soft. I’m a big fan of lip glosses and I can’t wait to try this out. It has a light pink tint to it and a very light amount of glitter. It has an amazing fruity scent, mostly berries.


Starry Sweet Almond Oil lip gloss

This is a lip therapy, high shine lip gloss with pure almond oil extract. It is clear and has no scent. It goes on really smoothly and it doesn’t become sticky. I’m a lip chewer (nerves) and this has helped to keep my lips feeling smoother, softer and less chunks of dry skin. I will be using more of this!


e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder in Honey

This powder is said to help eliminate shine and help prevent and treat breakouts. I purchased it because of those two reasons. I haven’t used it yet but I am not sure if I will be able to or not. The honey color is nice but I think it might be a little too dark for my skintone and will probably make me look a little orange. I’ll probably try it out and if I am unable to use it I will pass it along to my mom.


e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner in Stardust

This eyeliner has a fine tip brush which is used to help create defined lines. The color is mostly clear with lots of sparkles/glitter in it. I have yet to use it but I’m thinking this would be nice to wear for a night out. It is said to be made of a long lasting formula which allows it to be smudge-proof.


Kleanista Pressed Powder in Nude

This powder comes in a small compact and includes a puff for application. The nude color is really light and I am hoping will match my own skin tone. I have in the past used Kleanista nail polishes but have not used any of their makeup products. Like the e.l.f. pressed powder, if this one doesn’t match my coloring I will pass it along to my mom.

Zebra Striped Ring

This is a thick band with zebra like striping on it’s face. The striping is slightly sparkled although it doesn’t really appear to me to be resembling a zebra. Either way I love this ring and I can wear it on my index finger or middle finger. It matches with a lot of my clothes so I have a lot of options with this ring.


Hamsa bracelet

I really like the look of the Hamsa and I’ve added a  number of pieces to my jewelry collection lately. This particular bracelet has a gold like color and has turquoise stones leading up to the Hamsa. The only thing I dislike about this bracelet is that the turquoise stones is a slightly different color than the evil eye in the center of the Hamsa. It’s not a deal breaker for me but more of a slight annoyance.


Elephant Bracelet

When I saw this bracelet I knew I had to have it. My grandmother was extremely fond of elephants which she passed down to me. It is a silver toned bracelet and the elephant charm has some sparkles on it’s face. The size can be adjusted with a little pressure and the elephant charm is set in place by 2 raised pieces on the bangle. I’ve worn it a few times and I just adore this bracelet.


Daisy Bracelet

This is a gold toned bracelet with a bright pink daisy charm. I love the look of the daisy but the bracelet portion is set up a little strange. I dislike the loop that closes the bracelet because I just feel it looks a little strange. I would have prefered it if this bracelet has been made more like the elephant bracelet above. I might end up taking it apart and revamping it a little bit or even removing the daisy and adding it to something else.


Thick Bangles

I love the look of these bangles. The left one is completely gold toned and the right one is gold and pink toned. They are  on the larger side but are adjustable so I was able to make them a little smaller by applying some pressure to them. I prefer to wear them separately because I find they make a lot of noise together.



As you can probably tell I am a fan of bangles and bracelets. I actually prefer to wear them, more so than any other type of jewelry. These bangles did not all come together and if I can recall correctly was actually 3 different sets. I probably won’t wear the colored ones because I prefer the gold toned ones but who knows, lately I’ve been switching up my fashion so I could end up wearing them. I have already worn the ones with the charms on them. I have found that they are a little bit big on my wrists and are not adjustable. I also tend to wear them separately to avoid making a lot of noise.

Well, that wraps up my latest Miss A haul. As you can probably tell I wear a lot of bracelets! I am also loving the Starry Sweet Almond Oil lip gloss. I’ll probably hold off placing another order until I start using up the stuff I already have. It’s beginning to take over my bedroom, bathroom and spare room. Soon enough Dave is going to take away my credit cards! Not that I could blame him!

Do you prefer to wear certain types of jewelry? Let me know in the comments!


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It’s Time For A GiveAway!




Ebay Jewelry Haul

I recently purchased a few pieces of jewelry through Ebay. They took a little while to be delivered because they had come from Asia but I finally got them so I will share them with you!

The first one that I got was a 3 piece ring set. They are all black and I really like them because they actually fit 3 of my fingers so I can wear them at the same time if I want to or I can wear them as individual pieces.


The next item I got was a little disappointing. I found it to be disappointing because it was described as a bracelet but it is actually a necklace that is layered a few times to be worn as a bracelet. I also didn’t realize that it has a swastika on it. Now in the Asian culture it is not used as the same symbol that has become known to represent Nazi Germany. It actually represents luck in the Hindu and Buddhist religions. The issue I have with this is that most people I know are unaware of it’s true symbolism and would be looking at me sideways if I wore it, even if I explained it’s origins.

One of my favorite items was this crown ring. My mother tells me that is looks like a claddagh ring but I’m not so sure I agree. Either way I really like it but I wish I had ordered one size bigger so that I can wear it on my middle finger. For now it will have to be worn on my ring finger.

Next up is a ring with two loops that is meant to be worn on one finger. In the middle of the 2 rings is a Hamsa with an evil eye in the middle. The Hamsa, or the hand is a Talisman. A Talisman is something that turns away harm. In this case, the Hamsa turns away the evil eye. It is used in many religions. In my Italian culture, the equivalent would be to wear a horn that is usually made out of gold or red coral.

The final thing I purchased was this ring that is a replica of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring that was formally Princess Diana’s engagement ring. I absolutely adored Princess Diana and have found the same admiration for Catherine. In the right picture I kept my normal ring on to show the true size. I have no idea if this replica ring is the same size as Catherine’s though. It seems to be rather large so I will probably only wear this as s statement piece.

What do you think about these new jewelry additions? Let me know in the comments!

Nail Polish Haul and Swatches

I’ve got more new nail polishes to share with you!!!

This is a bottle of liquid palisades and I have no idea what it says on the bottle!!

Lime Splatter Glow in the Dark by Black Heart Beauty

Violet w/ blue glitter by Black Heart Beauty

Dimple by L.A. Colors

Mint by L.A. Colors

Baby Blue by L.A. Colors

Bam! by L.A. Colors

Spring Flirt by L.A. Colors

Fairy Dust by L.A. Colors

Quick Teal by Milani

Sugar Cane by Milani

Gina Girl by E.L.F

Meadow Mist by L.A. Colors

Navy by L.A. Colors

Matte Top Coat by Wet N’ Wild

That wraps up all my new polishes. The one I like the most is Fairy Dust by L.A. Colors. My least favorite one is Sugar Cane by Milani. It just reminds me of when my husband shaves over the sink and doesn’t wipe it off when he’s done!  Which one do you like? Let me know in the comments!

E.L.F Haul

I made my first purchase through E.L.F! I was so excited to receive it in the mail. I’ve already started using some of it and I hope to be able to review each one as I use them up.

Here’s what I bought-

Lip exfoliator- I fell in love with an exfoliator sold through Mary Kay so when I saw this one I decided I had to try it. It is much different than the one sold through Mark Kay though that doesn’t bother me.

Soothing lip balm- I bought this because well, a girl can never have enough!

Tone correcting compact w/ mirror- I’ve never used a correcting powder before so I though I’d give it a try and see how I like it.

Zit Eraser pen- I have used the E.L.F zit zapper before so when I saw this I thought it was the same thing which is why I bought it. It’s not quite the same thing (the zit zapper has a roller ball for an applicator) but it generally does the same thing. I can’t wait to start using it because other than the applicator is appears to be identical to the zapper which has really helped me with breakouts.

Eye refresh- I am going to start using this to see if I can make my eyes look healthier. I tend to get bags and dark circles all the time so I really wanted something to tone down the dark coloring.

Regular and waterproof mascara duo- For the times when you need a waterproof mascara and for the times when you don’t. I did need a new mascara and it was inexpensive so I figured I’d give it a try!

Illuminating eye cream- I also bought this in hopes that it will help reduce the dark circles and puffiness around my eyes.

Overall I am quite pleased with my purchase through E.L.F. The order was really inexpensive. The items were quickly shipped and when it arrived I was quite surprised at how little time it took. Do you enjoy E.L.F products? Let me know in the comments!

Born Pretty Store Mini Haul

I have finally received my order from the Born Pretty Store! I’m excited to start using it and I’m hoping that I can finally figure out stamping!

Here’s what I ordered-

Butterfly nail art water decals

Celestial floral pattern nail art water decals

5 piece round sponge stamp

Black nail polish and white nail polish for stamping

Temperature change nail polish- color #110

Starry Sky Moon necklace #3

Overall I am happy with my purchase. I am excited to use the temperature changing nail polish. I have already worn the Starry sky moon necklace and even received quite a few compliments on it. I’m even thinking about placing another order! 🙂