Lunch At Planet Hollywood


Back in May, for our Star Wars Weekend trip, we visited Disney Springs and after walking around in the hot sun for a good portion of the afternoon, we decided that we needed to eat some food. We had never eaten at Planet Hollywood so we thought we’d try it out.


On our way in we we were stopped to take a picture which we happily obliged, not really knowing why we were taking this picture. Once we were seated we were approached by a nice young lady that had our pictures printed out. She explained the prices and we ended up purchasing one of them. Here is the picture we purchased. Unfortunately we can not remember the price!


Now time for the food. We started out with an appetizer of tator tots covered in cheese, siracha sauce and shaved pastrami. It was so good! The siracha sauce was really good and not overly spicey. The shaved pastrami was just an added touch that really completed the appetizer.


Next was Laura’s meal. She ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and a side of french fries. It was all really good and Laura had no complaints about her food. The bun was really soft and delicious as well and was served with a side of tomato and lettuce.


Dave ordered a burger, but not just any burger. He got the chef’s specialty burger. He does not remember what was on it but only that he really enjoyed it. We do know that it had bacon and a soft delicious bun. It was served with lettuce, tomato, onion and a side of french fries.


That concludes our lunch at Planet Hollywood. We tried to take pictures of the inside but the restaurant was really dark. Overall we really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. There was only one thing that we found a little strange which was that there was an abundance of staff standing around chit chatting with each other. While they were not bothering us in any way it just seemed a little odd.

Here are the few pictures we were able to take.


First Stop on Vacation- Disney Springs


As we waited to be able to check into our hotel we decided to take a trip to Disney Springs and check out all the changes that had happened since our last trip back in October. So many things had changed even though we were just there in October! Not too mention all the changes that are still coming!


There was still a lot of construction going on. We  heard that there are about 16 new shops and restaurants that are currently being worked on. All the new additions are going to be great and it seems as if they will surely give Universal’s CityWalk more competition.

The new Boathouse restaurant was great. We didn’t eat in it so we can’t attest to the food but the smell of the food was incredible! We got to check out the new Amphicars that were parked along the launching site. These cars have the ability to not only drive on land but also get into the lake and take you on a ride around. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to take the ride as we were waiting to check in our hotel.

These are 2 pictures of the Amphicars in the lake.


We swung by the Candy Cauldron and got to look through their viewing window which allows guests to see the Cast Members making all the delicious treats. They offer many sweets including a candy covered apple that has many different cool designs you can choose from.

These are just a few pictures of some of the other great things we got to see!

What do you think about all the changes Disney has made to the former Downtown Disney and now currently Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below!

A Day at Downtown Disney… or is it Disney Springs?

Back in October during our vacation we spent a day at Downtown Disney. Back then it was still called Downtown Disney but I have no idea if the name has officially changed to Disney Springs at this point.

On a previous trip we had spent a majority of one day at Disney Quest but this time we decided to skip it. Instead we meandered through all the shops. The whole area was bustling a lot and we figured the construction that was going on had something to do with it. We love the idea of new places being added and upgrades coming to the area but all the construction walls and construction workers did make it a little distracting. The workers were not doing anything wrong but there was quite a lot of them and they easily stood out with their safety hats and vests. Dave is a very handy person and is quite schooled in the construction world so of course he had to take an interest in what they were doing (hence the distractions!)
Here are some pictures of the construction we saw.

It was a lot of fun just walking through the area at our leisure. We were not in a rush to get into a queue line to wait for any rides so we took our time and just wandered through the stores. We also hopped on the balloon ride, Characters in Flight which we mentioned in a previous post. It can be found here.

One of our favorite stops was the glass store. They have tons of hand blown glass items all throughout the store. It’s a lot of fun to see all the unique things that they come up with, although it is a little scary because we would hate to be the person that breaks something. The prices are certainly not cheap. Here are some pictures of what they offered.

We love checking out all that Downtown Disney has to offer. It’s a lot to see and take in. We did make some stops in a few of the restaurants which we will be sure to talk about in upcoming posts. Check back in to hear about those restaurants!

Up Up and Away….

We spent one day of our 2014 trip at Downtown Disney. There was so much construction going on because Disney is revamping the whole area and changing the name to Disney Springs. On our last trip there we had seen the big hot air balloon, Characters in Flight, but I was far too chicken to even think about getting on it. This time I around I begged Dave to do it with me. He politely conceded and we went and purchased our tickets and then got in line to board. I am terribly scared of heights and thought that this would be an excellent way to put all that behind me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Once we boarded and the balloon started to rise was when pure panic set through me. Now in all fairness this had nothing to do with the balloon or the wind. Neither one was the problem. The only problem was me and that my fear had snuck up behind me to bite me right in the hiney! The whole time the balloon kept rising I was frozen in place with my hands glued to the hand rails. Dave on the other hand was simply enjoying the pure peacefulness of his surroundings.

Once the balloon reached the furthest most point you can then walk around and check out everything. Dave of course jumped at the opportunity and began walking around taking pictures of just about everything. I on the other hand stayed glued to the hand rails in the exact same spot I had started in. I only moved once when a father and daughter were attempting to walk around and I was blocking the way. I quickly let go of the hand rail and gave them enough space to walk by. Once they were by I grabbed for the railing faster than I could even blink my eyes.

Even though I was basically frozen in fear I’m still glad that I talked Dave into going on with me. I now know that my fear of heights is something that will be sticking with me for a long time but at least I know it’s a work in progress.