California Adventure


Considering how long of a flight it is to go from New Hampshire to Anaheim California I couldn’t miss out on visiting California Adventure.

My initial reaction to the park was thinking how similar the entrance looks compared to Hollywood Studios in Orlando. There are also some other similarities like the Tower of Terror. Here in DCA, during my visit, Tower of Terror was down for refurbishment. Although it is getting a complete makeover and when completed will be themed around Guardians of the Galaxy.


To start our day we went right in for Soarin’. It is certainly a great ride but there was no difference between Land and World rides. The ride in the World was just redone to match the one in DCA.

As we made our way around the park we next encountered Grizzly Peaks. This area is themed around grizzly bears and state parks. It is home to a water rapid ride, kids themed playground and walking trails.



Pacific Warf and Paradise Pier was our next stop. So many fun things to do including California Screamin’, Mickey’s Fun Wheel and Toy Story Mid Way Mania.

Of course, I was also able to get some pretty cool night pictures!


Next up was Cars Land which was really incredible to see in person. There is no theme that is similar in the World so this was all brand new. Radiator Springs Racers was a lot of fun and was very similar to Test Track in Epcot.


I really enjoyed myself at DCA. I had a great experience and it was so much fun to try out new Disney rides. I loved the California theme and Paradise Pier was my most favorite part about the park.

Have you ever visited DCA? Let me know in the comments!






6 thoughts on “California Adventure”

  1. We love DCA. Our last visit there was in October. I have very mixed feelings about their decision to refurbish Tower of Terror. During our visit they had a special night ride going as a kind of goodbye before its looming closure. It was run completely in the dark each night …. such a great idea, it was awesome. They also had ‘Andrews sister’ type singers live in the queue. It was great too. The new refurbishment looks totally out of place compared to anything around it. Carsland rules.

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  2. I visited Disneyland five years ago, and of course, I had to visited California Adventure! It also reminded me of Hollywood Studios in some way! I loved it! I am probably going to go to Disneyland next year, so I’m excited since it has been so long!

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