Disney Land


My first adventure in Disney Land!

I know! I know! It’s been forever but now with some extra time on my hands I can get back into posting! But getting back into Disney Land…..

Having been to Disney World more times than I can count I had some really big expectations for Disney Land. My first thoughts and impressions were that it looked really similar, including the front gates and small town entryway until one’s eyes immediatly focus onto what’s missing? Where the heck is the castle? It’s really that tiny? Oh it sure is! To describe the castle as underwhelming is probably being a little giving in the recognition deparment.


Now if you are a newbie to Disney Land like myself you’re probably wondering what else is there to do? Oh well there sure is plenty. Up next is some of the things we got to see and do.

The Haunted Mansion



Hyper Space Mountain



Submarine Voyage with Nemo



It’s A Small World




Misc. pictures of other things around the park.


Overall Disney Land brought on as much fun and excitement as Disney World has done after so many visits. There was so much to see and it was fun because if it wasn’t the same as Disney World is was quite similar. The lines were extremely long but it does seem as though it is well managed. Even though the length of the lines were ridiculous the lines continueously kept moving. During my visit The Matterhorn was not up and running ( I believe it was down for refurb?) so I did not get to give that one a whirl.

I loved The Haunted Mansion. It was cool to walk through the line queue and walk right on the front lawn. Much to my surprise the ride was very similar to the ride in Disney World. It did have slight variations but there is a lot of resemblence.

Hyper Space Mountain was a lot of fun. Rollercoasters in the dark themed to Star Wars? I’d take it anyday! The Disney World version is just Space Mountain without any Star Wars theme. I’m leaning towards I would greatly appreciate an addition to the World one!

My first visit to Disney Land was an extremely enjoyable one. Be on the lookout for me to share my experience at California Adventure, coming soon!


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