Paradise Pier Hotel


During my vist to Disney Land I was able to stay at Paradise Pier Hotel. This hotel is located right next to Downtown Disney and across the street from The Grand California Hotel. The walk to Downtown Disney is really easy and only takes a few minutes. 

The room itself was not all that extraordinary but it was comfortable and the theming was really cute. Here are a few pictures of our room.








While the room wasn’t really anything fancy it was nice, comfortable and clean, the things I require in a hotel room. The room did have a coffee maker with coffee and tea options. It also had an iron, hair dryer and extra pillows and blankets in the closet.

In my opinion, the best thing that Paradise Pier has to offer is the view (depending on which side of the hotel your room is located) overlooking Disney’s California Adventure Park. Not only could we view the entire park but we also had the ability to watch and listen to the night show, World of Color. Here are some pictures of the incredible view.


(Apologies for the glare and my shadow, it was a little difficult to photograph at night! 🙂 )


Of course I also had to share one of our favorite Disney character that hangs out in the lobby!


Also my trip wouldn’t have been complete without having at least one cocktail (or maybe 2). These were available in the small restaurant located in the hotel’s lobby. I must also mention that the bartender and waitress working on the night we went in were so amazing, friendly and kind!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my recap of my stay at Paradise Pier Hotel at Disney Land. I feel as though my stay there was quite enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone looking to stay close to Disney Land property.


4 thoughts on “Paradise Pier Hotel”

  1. Cute! And what a view! I’m like you – comfort, cleanliness and basic amenities are really all I need. Because if I’m vacationing at Disneyland, I’m probably going to be out and about for 16 hours a day and not at my hotel. Ah, but that location…just a hop, skip and a dash from the park entrance, it’s too perfect. Worth staying there for that alone.

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    1. Exactly! Most of my time is spent in the parks so I can make do with basic amenities. The location couldn’t have been any better. The view was amazing especially because ” Mickey and his friends ” put on a night cap and did the World of Color show a 2nd time after the park was closed so we watched it from the room!


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