Memorable Photos- Funky Hats! #2

Most of you probably already know that we love to have fun while on vacation. One way we do this is to try and take some memorable photos. Most of the theme parks will herd you towards a gift shop as an exit to an attraction and a lot of times this is where we have the most fun.

Most of the gift shops have some sort of fun hats for sale which we usually have to try on. This turns out to be a blast and I’m sure you can tell from the pictures below.

These next few pictures are from our Halloween 2016 trip with Laura’s mom. We have previously shared some from other trips as well. You can find those here.


What fun things do you do on your vacations to make them memorable? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to follow Laura on Twitter here! She’ll be tweeting from Disney Land starting this Saturday!




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