Mickey’s Boo To You Parade

Well as you can tell this post is a little late but as I get ready to leave for Disney Land I figured I might as well share our experience. Plus it’s never to early to start planning that Halloween vacation! 🙂

During our first experience at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party we were really excited to see the Boo to You Parade. We’ve heard great things about it and decided to give ourselves plenty of time to save a viewing area. We ended up at the very beginning of the Magic Kingdom, right next to where the parade ends. It was a perfect spot for us, we even made friends with the people waiting for the parade next to us.

Here are some of the pictures from the parade.


The Headless Horseman who kicks off the parade




Overall our experience at the parade was mixed. To be completely honest Disney wasn’t the problem. The parade itself was really enjoyable and it was fun to see it for the first time. The real issue that we had was dealing with all the rude people that were there. We of course showed up to save our spots probably 2 hours before the parade began, which meant we were right up front. Many people chose not to do this and in turn ended up behind us, with their children. We heard so many complaints from those behind us about how we were being rude by not allowing the kids to stand in the front. Is it really rude for me to not allow these people stand in front of me after paying an admittance fee and waiting 2 hours for a viewing spot? To clarify as well, they didn’t want their children standing infornt of us, they wanted everyone that was in their group to stand with the kids. So who in all honesty is being rude? We did wait hours before the parade while no one else lined up near us.

Who do you think was being rude? Let us know in the comments!

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