The Sugar Factory


International Drive in Orlando is home to tons of fun things. One of the places that we have visited before was I360, the new home to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and the Orlando Eye. The first time we visited we made sure to check it all out. This past trip included only enough time for a stop at the Eye. On our way back to our vehicle I spotted The Sugar Factory and knew I had to go in.

I had originally seen things about The Sugar Factory on The Travel Channel which featured it’s location in Las Vegas. I wanted to to go watching it on tv so I knew it was a must do for me in Orlando. Plus it was an added bonus since I didn’t even know it was in Orlando.

Now to be honest, we arrived early in the day, around 2p.m. Apparently the actual sit down and eat restaurant was not opened until 4p.m. or 5p.m. (it’s been a little bit so I can’t remember!) but drinks were available at the bar. At this point it was probably the only time I was going to be able to try it as we had a pretty packed schedule so we jumped at the idea at sitting at the bar for a drink.

I must also say that the drinks are a little pricey. They ran about $30.00 per drink but they are also quite large. Here are some of the pictures from their menu.

My Mom and I opted to share one because it was going to be more than enough. We decided on Lollipop Passion and found that it was delicious! It was really cute and included 2 giant lollipops and a candy necklace. The smoke from using dry ice also gave it a really cool looking effect. Strangely it wasn’t too sweet.


Our bartender was a really cool dude who was extremely friendly and helpful when we were trying to pick out our drink. He also talked to us about different alcohols they served and was even kind enough to offer us small tastings of certain booze. He even went ahead and gave us some candy. It reminded us of how restaurants will serve bread before the meal. He was really awesome!


Below you will find the video of him adding the dry ice to our Lollipop Passion. The Sugar Factory was a lot of fun to visit and I hope I have another opportunity to go and maybe have dinner.

Have you visited The Sugar Factory? If you have tell us what you ordered. If you haven’t tell us what you would have liked to try from the beverage pictures above!



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