Epcot- Food & Wine Festival 2016


On our last trip to Disney, we were lucky to have been there during the Food and Wine Festival. This festival occurs yearly during the Fall. Typically, the countries around the world showcase some great tasty treats. We’ve been to this  event in the past but never really partook in any of the delicious cuisine. This year we decided to dig right in. Below you will find some of the choices that were offered and a few of the things that we ended up trying.


One stop we made was at the Farm Fresh pavilion. The options here sounded delicious so we opted to try 2 of them. First up was the chicken and dumplings. I have to admit that the look of the chicken and dumplings made me a little worried. I’ve never encountered them looking like the picture below. Having said that, they were phenomanal. The 2nd choice was the loaded mac’n cheese. It was covered in bits of bacon and scallions. It was really good until the spiceyness crept up on us. It contained some sort of dark orange pepper that was extremely spicy, almost too spicy to eat. I could see why a lot of people would enjoy an extra added kick but it was way too intense for me. It left me running for a drink!





Chicken & Dumplings



Loaded Mac’n cheese


A little fountain near the Caribbean Islands Pavilion

Our next stop was at the Desesets and Champagne pavilion. Here there was an assortment of ice cream floats including alcoholic options in addition to the normal ice cream soda floats. We didn’t opt for any alcohol simply because it was far too warm in the hot sun to be sipping booze. It probably would have lead to heat stroke. Instead we opted to try a Coca-Cola Float and a Fanta Grape Float. As you can imagine they were both phenomonal. Between the cold soda and the even colder ice cream it helped us cool off a little from the intense Florida heat.



Coca-Cola Float (left) and Fanta Grape Float (right)

Next we stopped at the Canada Pavilion. We had seen some Youtube videos that showed people trying the “Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon that we knew we had to try it. The meat was excellent and extremely tender, not too mention cooked perfectly. The filet mignon was covered in mushrooms. Laura opted to give those to her Mom since she isn’t  a fan of mushrooms. One thing that she really enjoyed was that the mushrooms were not slathered in a gravy which would have made it more difficult to remove.



“Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon

Our final stop was at the Morocco Pavilion. Here, we debated on what to get and while the Chocolate Baklava that was offered sounded very good we opted for the Kefta Pocket. This pita pocket was filled with seasoned ground beef and topped with something reminiscent of cole slaw. Although Laura and her Mom both like cole slaw whatever it was that was added to the pocket was not as good to our taste buds. The seasoned ground beef was good but sort of reminded us of  dry taco meat. This was not our favorite option.




Kefta Pocket

Overall, the Food and Wine Festival was a lot of fun. It’s a nice option for food at Epcot rather than sitting down and eating a huge meal. The portions are on the smaller side which makes the prices relatively lower.  We got to try a lot of things that we wouldn’t normally have eaten. Our favorites were the Filet Mignon from Canada and of course the ice cream soda floats from the Desserts Pavilion.

Have you visited Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival? Tell us about it in the comments. Never visited? No worries, let us know what you would have liked to try.



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