Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Kitchen- Review


The Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Kitchen is one of Universal Studios Orlando’s newest additions. Not only is it a fun and exciting place to eat but it also provides a great place to stop just to get a glimpse at all the yummy deserts that they serve.

Toothsome offers 2 great options: sit and dine in or order a desert to go. Of course it’s all so delicous that we had to try both, on different days of course!

On our first visit the place was a complete mad house. We registered ourselves with the hostesses and waited about an hour and a half before we were able to be seated. One great option Toothsome provided was texts straight to a phone # given to them at check in. It made it easier than having to carry around a pager especially since our hands were already full from souveniours on our way out of the parks.

Once seated our waitress was extremely nice and pleasant. She didn’t rush us to order even though the place was jam packed with people waiting to be seated. After a long day in the parks her patience was appreciated. 20161028_190454

The menu offered some cool options, many of them were completely different than anything we had ever seen. Laura and her Mom decided on the Blue Plate Burger. It consisted of a house made hamburger patty topped with a slice of meatloaf, garlic mashed potatos, cheddar cheese, sweet corn, bordelaise sauce and served on a brioche bun. When they recieved their burgers they were excellent. The only downside which was something they had thought about before hand was how messy it was to eat. So messy in fact that a fork was necessary. They still had no complaints!


Of course this being our first visit to the Chocolate Factory, desert was in order. Laura and her Mom split a delightfully peanut buttery ice cream sundae. It contained peanut butter ice cream, peanut butter cups, peanut brittle, whipped cream, peanut butter sauce, reese’s pieces and last but certainly not least a piece of peanut butter pie. It was so good but together Laura and her Mom couldn’t even eat half.


Unfortunately, I am unable to locate any pictures of Dave’s dinner, which was some sort of chicken. Even though his meal’s pictures are MIA I did manage to find a picture of his desert which was a chocolate brownie sundae. It consisted of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, a lot of brownies, chocolate whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Dave might have a chocolate tooth but this sundae was far too much for him. He barely made a dent in it. 20161028_202312

That was the end of our night and we basically had to roll ourselves back to our hotel room. Thank goodness for shuttle buses.

The next night while Dave was at Horror Nights, Laura and her Mom went back to Toothsome’s because there was something that had gone untried. Normally, we wouldn’t eat like this but with a place like Toothsome’s and time to kill, why not? It’s vacation, right?

It was now time to try their notorious milkshakes and they did not disappoint. Firstly, they have many different options, something to satisfy anyone’s palette. We decided on the coffee milkshake, and it did not disappoint. Laura and her Mom shared one because there was no way it was going to be consumed by one person.


Extravagant? It certainly was. It was made up of coffee ice cream, coffee flavored whipped cream, biscottis covered in white chocolate, chocolate covered coffee beans and then topped with a cherry. It was totally to die for.

Overall our experience at Toothsome’s was great. The table service was awesome and the dinner was amazing. Wondering how the deserts were? Well, they are just as good as they look. The only downside to our experience was the amount of wait time to either be seated in the restaurant or order to go. The store is really cool but the building had to have been near capacity and made it impossible to move about and look at any of the merchandise. Other than that we have zero complaints and we would recommend Toothsome’s Chocolate Factory & Savory Imporium to anyone visiting City Walk in Orlando.





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