Visiting Natchez Mississippi


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Natchez, Mississippi. It was my first time in a southern state (excluding Florida)  so I found it really interesting to see what this beautiful state had to offer. The majority of my time was spent in Natchez, the birthplace of my step-father.


Natchez is located about 1.5- 2 hours southwest of Jackson, the state capital. At one point in time Natchez actually served as the capital of the state. The city of Natchez is named after the Natchez Native Americans that lived there before the French inhabited the area.


Natchez is located on a bluff along the Mississippi River. A bridge connects Natchez to Vidalia, Louisiana. The river was used to move cotton, sugar cane and logs south to Louisania until steam ships began being used. Once steam ships  started being used goods could then be transported north.


Emerald Mound’s main platform began being constructed around 1350. It is actually the original site of Natchez and was created by a village of people that were part of the Plaquemine culture.


The Natchez Trace was a great experience. It is a 440 mile historic trail that was originally used and created by Native Americans. The Trace connects the Mississippi, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. If you recall in history class, the Lewis and Clark Expedition you might find it interesting to know that Meriwether Lewis actually died while traveling on the Trace. The area is a beautiful forest with a road running through it. It is a great place to go to take in nature.

Below you will find some pictures of downtown Natchez. It really is a beautiful place and if you’re interested in history than this is a great place to visit.



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