Our New Addition to the Family!- Meet Critter

Meet Critter!


We recently shared with you all the changes going on with our lives so now it’s time to introduce you to one of them! We recently rescued a male shepherd (possibly mix) who is about 4 years old from Tennessee.  This is the first time we’ve ever rescued a pup but we must admit even with his baggage we already love him to pieces.

Here is how we got him.

We loaded up in Dave’s truck to drive to Kittery, Maine. This is where we met the transport with our new boy! Once we got him off the transport truck we walked him around a little bit because he had just had a 16 hour drive from Tennessee.  I know I’d need a little time to stretch the legs after that long of a trip. Once he was ready we loaded up in Dave’s truck once again and started the 45 minute journey back home.


During the ride he was pretty scared. He wasn’t all that interested in Laura but seemed to have immediately bonded with Dave. He wouldn’t take any treats and just kept trying to sit in Dave’s lap, while he was driving. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to work, especially with all 88 pounds of him.  

Once we arrived home we walked him around the yard because even though the ride home wasn’t nearly as long as the transport we are sure he appreciated a little air and room to move about. Once he seemed to settle a bit we took him into the house.

Once inside the house he did really well. The only thing he didn’t do well with was the stairs going to the second floor of the house. He initially went up them but when it was time to come back down it took us about a half an hour of coaxing before he went back down.


For the next 2 days he mostly chose to hang out in his crate, more than likely because he was understandably anxious and probably wondering where the heck he was!


After those first few days he totally bonded with us. He now loves Laura and follows her everywhere. It’s like he is her shadow! He even sleeps in bed with us. It’s rather uncomfortable because no bed is large enough for 2 people and an 88 pound dog. It has resulted in a few nights of one of us sleeping on the couch, but that’s ok, anything to make the big boy comfortable!

Now that we’ve been able to get him settled in it’s time to deal with his heartworm treatment, which is going to not be fun at all and extremely expensive.

Check back in to see what Critter’s been up to and how his treatment is going!


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