Horror Block- September

Once again we are a little behind. Not too mention that October’s Horror Block will also be late because it arrives at the end of the month while we will be at Universal Studios celebrating Halloween Horror Nights. Here is what was in September’s box!

Content Guide

Rue Morgue Magazine

This magazine is a staple in all Horror Blocks. We’ve come to really enjoy it’s contents. October’s issue is jam packed with horror related news from interviews, previews and reviews.

Night of the Living Dead DVD

Included in this month’s box was this great movie that is said to have started the whole zombie genre. This movie also contains interviews with it’s creators as well as visits to actual locations where the footage was shot. Perfect for Halloween!

Horror Face Coaster Set

Just in case you can’t get enough horror, now you can have it all throughout your house with this set of 8 coasters. Each coaster is double sided giving you 18 gross, creepy and terrifying faces to freak out any guests that may visit.

Night of the Living Dead Magnet Set

If the coasters aren’t enough to keep people from stopping by your house unannounced than we are sure these magents will do the trick. Using many phrases from the movie to decorate your fridge or mix them up and make your own phrases!

Aliens 2 Pack Vinyl Figures

This set is part of the Nostromo Collection. There are 3 figures that can be collected including Big Chap, Ripley and Parker. Our set included Big Chap and Parker. Dave is loving these vinyls especially because he is a fan of the Aliens saga!

Death’s Head Moth T-Shirt

Created by ShirtPunch this creepy shirt pays homage to Silence of the Lambs. Remember put the t-shirt on it’s body or else it gets the hose again!

Overall, this month’s Horror Block hit it out the park. All the items we found enjoyable and Dave will really enjoy using all the creepy stuff throughout our new house. Laura has explained to him that he is only allowed to creepify the basement. We’ll see how that goes!


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