Birch Box- October

Finally, we are catching up with all our stuff. I just got my October Birch Box and will share it today. I am really loving all the stuff in it and feel like Birch Box did a great job this month. This is probably the first month where I felt like the box was really worth it.

This month’s theme is Positive Force. Since October is breast cancer awareness month Birch Box adopted the theme with their items included in the box. They have also partnered with Estee Lauder and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to sponser a years worth of research. Breast cancer is something that affects so many people from patients to their families. By sponsering breast cancer research Birch Box is contributing very positively to help find a cure. Hats off to you Birch Box!

Content Guide

12 Benefits- Instant Healthy Hair Treatment

This is a spray on, leave in hair treatment that is used to protect and heal your hair. It is great to protect against mother nature’s wicked ways and helps to restore your hair. The scent is so lovely and mild. A full size retails for $21.00.

Davines- Love Smoothing Shampoo

This shampoo is used to smooth out frizzy and coarse hair. It’s packed with rice protein and olive oil to help reduce tangled hair. It has a very mild scent. While the scent is mild, it really could use some work. It doesn’t have any sort of fruity or flowery smell, just sort of smells like product, for lack of a better way to describe it. A full size bottle retails for $25.00.

Davines- Love Smoothing Conditioner

As a bonus, Birch Box included a small packet of the Love Smoothing Conditioner to be used along side of the shampoo shown above. This is also made with rice protein and olive oil to help smooth and maintain frizzy and coarse hair. A full size bottle retails for $29.00.

Embryolisse- Lait-Creme Concentre

This is a face moisturizer made in Paris. It is said to be a favorite of makeup artists. It is used to heal dry skin. It is also used in preparation before applying foundation. A full size retails for $16.00-$28.00.

Harvey Prince- Ageless 

I am quite pleased with this perfume. Shocking! Typically I can not wear perfume as it will give me a headache. Ageless is completely different for me. It is made of a mixture of grapefruit, pomegranate, jasmine and sandalwood. I love this scent and I even love the placard it came in. The design is really cute. A full size retails for $26.00-$55.00.

Stila- Huge Extreme Lash Mascara

A girl always has more room for mascara right? This mascara is in jet black. Using this will give your eyelashes more curl, greater length and boosts volume. It retails for $23.00.

Overall I am thrilled with all the products included in this month’s box. The Harvey Prince perfume is lovely and I can’t wait to use all the hair products. I typically prefer to have my boxes include more hair products so this box hit it out of the park for me. I also really like how Birch Box has involving themselves into breast cancer research.


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