Horror Block- August

Like usual we are late with this Horror Block. This was sent to us back in August and we are just beginning to catch up. Things have been so busy for us so we really fell far behind with our blog. We are also getting ready for our Halloween Horror Nights vacation at Universal Orlando. Only 15 days till we arrive for all the haunted happenings! We just can’t wait. Then a week after we get back we close on our house! See what we mean about being really busy? Anywho here is what was included in August’s Horror Block.

Content Guide

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Plush

This is an exclusive Jason Voorhees plush doll made by Bleachers Creatures. Normally we wouldn’t have any interest in plushies but considering this is Jason, we’ll make an exception!

Rise of the Zombies Blu-Ray/DVD

If you love zombies and horror movies than look  no further. This movie stars Danny Trejo and takes place on Alcatraz after San Fransisco becomes overrun with zombies. Will they survive? Considering “you can’t kill what isn’t alive” who knows what will happen.

Rue Morgue- September Edition

Horror Block has continued on including Rue Morgue, the everything horror related magazine. We enjoy reading this magazine as it’s our way of keeping up with all things horror.

Say My Name T-Shirt

Made by ShirtPunch this t-shirt is Horror Block’s way of celebrating Beetlejuice, the ghost with the most. Who doesn’t love Beetlejuice? Dave will more than likely be sporting this during our adventures in Universal Orlando later this month.

Grady Twins Autographed Print

Love creepy kids that want to play? Then look no further than the Grady Twins from the Shining. This print was signed by the actresses from the movie: Lisa and Louis Burns.

Necronomicon Notebook

Looking for a way to start an undead survival kit? This necronomicon notebook is the perfect place to jot down notes, especially if you need to remember very important information like exits, safe houses and locations of weapons. When the zombie apocolypse hits surely we’ll be ready!

Well that wraps up August’s Horror Block. It was filled with lots of great items and we are enjoying everything from this month’s box. Horror Block is back on track and we can’t wait to share with you September’s box!


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