Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you have a great holiday!


Canobie Lake Park’s ScreamFest!


We thought we’d share some pictures from our trip to Canobie Lake Park’s ScreamFest. Since Dave is a huge fan of Halloween it was only right that we attended one night at this local event.

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Halloween Horror Nights Throwback!

Well it’s time for us to celebrate Halloween Horror Nights once again! We will be attending 2 nights. To keep with the theme of Horror Nights we thought we’d share some pictures that are throwbacks from our previous trips!

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Nail Art #46- Spooky!


In preparation for Halloween, the happiest time of the year 🙂 , I had purchased a bunch of nail decals. This past weekend my mother was over and wanted me to paint her nails. I decided it was time to get going with the spooky decals. Now I must admit that the cleanup process is not easy when it comes to my mother’s hands. She has psoriasis on her hands that can get really bad. I try to not use a lot of nail polish remover so as not to aggravate the area more than it already is. So disregard all the dryness to the skin surrounding her nails. She can’t help it and if she could, she would!

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