Another Round of Zoya

Well first off I’d like to welcome myself back to the world of blogging! Buying a house has really been taking up all of our time! Between that and working full time neither one of us has had any time to do anything. Sadly, Laura has had little time to paint her nails as well! But anywho, today is all about the Zoya polishes that Laura purchased a few weeks back!


I’ve purchased Zoya before and loved the polishes. From the colors to the consistancy to the quality of the polish I loved it all so of course I had to go back for more! 🙂

This purchase was also a mini trio and I was really pleased with all the colors.

I can’t even decide which one I like the best!

First up is Selene, which is a sparkly green and almost looks blue in some light. It reminds me of Ariel’s fin, from The Little Mermaid. This color will work well for the Fall season.

Second in the mini trio is NYX. This is such a lovely color and of course I would like it as purple is one of my favorite colors. To be honest though it’s more of a lavender shade with lots of silver glitter. What girl doesn’t like glitter?

Last in the set is Leslie. This color is a pink with lots of shimmer that makes it change color in the light. It’s color really resembles an opal. I really love how the shimmer has blue and green tints to it.

Those are the latest additions from Zoya. They are really becoming one of my favorite polish brands!


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