Nail Art #44- Magentic


A little while back I bought a set of magnetic nail polish through Ebay. I was really excited to try them out. This particular set that I bought is from As Seen On TV. Usually I don’t buy products like this but I figured that the polish looked cool. I had been wanting to try out magnetic nail polish for a little bit so when I saw it for sale for $9.99 I just decided to buy it on a whim .

The kit is really easy to use. Basically you just need to apply 1-2 coats of polish on the nail and then hold the magnet over the polish. The magnet should not touch the polish but it does need to be placed very close to the nail. After holding the magnet over the nail for about 30 seconds you should be able to see the marks left on the polish. It is important to note that the polish does need to be wet so I found the best way to complete this process was to paint each nail and immediatly use the magnet before moving along to the next nail.

This set contained 4 polishes and 4 magnets. Each magnet has it’s own different design.

Here is the first try with the purple(ish) color and horizontally lined magnet.

Above is a different angle and a closer picture of the backside of the magnet.

The picture above is with both purple and pink polishes.

Overall I enjoyed trying this type of polish out. It was easy to use but the only downfall that I found is that sometimes the magnetic design doesn’t come out great, or as prominent as I think it should. I don’t know if it is because of a problem with the polish, the magnet or both. Have you tried this type of polish before? Let me know in the comments!


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