House Hunting

House hunting

Sadly, we had to take off a week from blogging! We are so sorry! We’ve been so busy since we just began house hunting. We’ve been pre-approved and have been looking at houses in our free time, leaving not much time for anything else. It’s exciting and also filled with anxiety. It’s like a hurricane of so many emotions. This has been something we’ve always wanted to do but just didn’t really know how to go about it. Now we’ve got more confidence (and nerves) to really do this.

So for the last week we’ve been looking at houses and we thought we would share our experience and thoughts about it all. Hopefully if you are new to the process of home owning than this will be helpful.

First and foremost we started with getting pre-approved. This really let us know what we should be looking at and if it would be affordable. We also spent a lot of time discussing with each other what we really wanted in a house. Our list happened to be fairly simple (atleast we think so!)

Here was our list of wants-

  • central air- Mostly so we wouldn’t need to run window ACs in the summer
  • usable basement- It doesn’t need to be perfect but something that is able to atleast be refinished
  • garage- We get a lot of snow here in New Hampshire!
  • 3 bedrooms- We want something we won’t outgrow too quickly, especially if we expand our family.
  • small to medium yard- A yard is nice but we also don’t want to take 6 hours to mow the lawn!
  • built after 1950- According to Dave, it’s easier to work on.

Here is our lists of things we don’t want-

  • No pool- We don’t swim often, it’s expensive to maintain and takes a lot of time as well. Plus we only get about 3 months of use throughout the year.
  • No crazy driveway that’s difficult to get in and out of or one that is really really long. We get lots of snow up here and shoveling really stinks!
  • We don’t want our home too close to neighbors, if we did we’d probably just rent something!

That mostly sums up our want and don’t want lists. So our search began. After finding a real estate agent we really liked we started searching online and sending MLS #s to our agent. She then began setting up viewings. Now is where the patience really needs to kick in. So far we have looked at 6 houses. Here are our thoughts on those places.

House #1

  • Too small of a house and yard
  • Basement smelled like mold and was not finishable
  • It looked like a mobil home that had been built off of
  • Very busy street
  • Too high of an asking price

House #2

  • Very busy street
  • Unfinishable basement
  • Property had a 2nd lot (across the street) that was not buildable
  • Small stream ran through side of the yard
  • Hardwood floors were just redone but still had holes in them
  • The electricity in the kitchen would not turn on and the breaker kept tripping
  • Very small bedrooms

House #3

  • Way too close to neighbors. We could hear them screaming profanities at each other while they were inside their home!
  • Nice inside setup
  • No appliances at all
  • Garage was not attached to driveway
  • Basement is not finishable- it actually wasn’t even completely dug out
  • Windows are too small for AC units
  • No yard

House #4

  • Nice open setup
  • Nice yard but with so much tree cover there is no grass
  • Weird placement of electrical switches
  • Electrical breakers would need upgrading
  • Really long driveway
  • Very busy street
  • Asking price was way too high- even with negotiations

House # 5

  • No back yard
  • House sits behind a major highway making it almost impossible to have a conversation in the front yard
  • Very strange inside set up
  • Galley kitchen
  • 2 bathrooms that are located in not ideal spots
  • All the windows appeared to be rotting
  • Major water leakage issues

House #6

  • Great inside set up
  • 3 car garage
  • Finished basement
  • Medium sized yard
  • Kitchen needs to be updated
  • Koi pond
  • Street is not overly busy
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 4 season room
  • New windows

Overall we had a tough go in the beginning. It really just felt like we were looking at junk. Our patience and frustration level were rapidly getting to all time highs and we really just started the process. So far #6 is really what we are looking for. We are going to visit the house again this week and may even put in an offer. Hopefully we can figure all this out well before the winter comes because that is not when we would ideally like to be moving! Think good thoughts for us because we are going to need it!


15 thoughts on “House Hunting”

      1. I can imagine!! (Well..duh..I KNOW it is..) So exciting! There is something really special about a home being all yours. Especially the 1st one! ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think I know why. It’s a combo of being something new, moving, commitment, money and wanting to be sure that the house is exactly where you can picture yourself. Also anxiety runs both way’s love. Fun, exciting new things can be just as stressful as the bad things in life. So don’t knock yourself. Id say feeling nervous is normal. ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes I think it would help.
        There are many emotional thing’s buying your 1st house so it’s normal and once it’s over you’ll have learned some great new things about yourself you didn’t realize before. I can see them in you. Soon you’ll see them too! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Awe..((HUGS)) Wasn’t meant to be… You’ll find the right one doll. It’s rough but you will find exactly what you are looking for and when you do, everything will go easy. If that makes sense…
        (On another note, when you have time I really need to talk to you pm via Twitter. Know you’ve a lot going on but two very bad thing’s happened today & I am a mega of the chain mental mess up. If you take a quick scroll through my twitter You’ll see why. Sort of. ❀

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