Time To Sleep


Have you ever found yourself laying down to sleep but suddenly your mind takes over and begins thinking about everything and anything? If you have, like myself, you can relate to how aggravating, frustrating and down right tiring this can be. Trying to fall asleep while your mind is racing can be very stressful, especially if you have to wake up in the morning for work. I have often found myself in this predicament resulting in my stress level  rising and the hours till wakeup time get closer and closer.

I have tried lots of different things from sleep tea, to sleeping pills. None of it worked for me. I discussed it with my doctor and she did prescribe me some medication that has helped in the falling asleep department, although not entirely. Unfortunately I suffer from a mild case of OCD. Now when most people hear OCD they immediatly think of someone that has to turn a door handle  a certain way and a certain amount of times before they can move along to their next task which is OCD but sometimes people fail to recoginze that there are other forms of it as well. I am thankful in a way that my OCD doesn’t work like that.

My OCD is more of an internal struggle, I guess is how I would describe it. I don’t know how to pin point what triggers it and without knowing that makes it harder to work with. For me, my OCD is with counting. I have something, unknown to me, that makes me count in my head. It could be a word, a sentence, something I read or heard, the list is endless. So when it’s time to finally settle down and sleep the OCD takes over and the counting begins, resulting in valuable sleep being stolen right out of my grasp.

I recently found a way to help slow the counting down and figured I’d share it in case someone else, either with OCD or someone just struggling to sleep could try to use this as a way to get back those ZZZZZ’s.

Have you ever heard of ASMR? If you haven’t don’t worry, I had never heard of it before. Honestly, when I first came upon it I thought it was the strangest and freakiest thing but as I used it more and more the freaky went away and was gratefully replaced with sleep!

What is ASMR? Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is described as a tingling sensation usually in the head, scalp and neck which is usually the result of a visual, auditive or cognative stimuli. What is all of this I’m talking about? Well to start,  it is said that not everyone can feel this tingling sensation but if you can you will understand what I am about to describe. Have you ever gone to have your hair done and suddenly as the stylist is doing their thing you get the feeling of what I would describe as tingles or shivers? If so than you have felt ASMR!

Many people, that suffer with sleep problems have turned to ASMR to allow themselves to relax and drift off to the world of sleep. This has led to many people creating ASMR videos on Youtube. One important thing to know is that everyone has different preferences to feeling the tingles which is why ASMR artists (as I am learning they are called) tend to make all sorts of different styles of videos.

For myself, I prefer whispering videos with tapping and clicking sounds but many others have found sleep through different ways for example plastic bags crunching, hand gestures or even just relaxing music. Everyone’s trigger can be different and because of that there is an endless amount of videos being made and watched all the time. I’d like to share with you some of the ASMR artists that I personally enjoy.

Ariel ASMR


Brittany ASMR


These lovely artists have given me back my sleep and stopped many restless nights of tossing, turning and counting. I am grateful for the work they have put into their videos and I can’t suggest them enough for anyone who suffers with not being able to sleep. I do also want to say that the videos, at first, can seem rather creepy but my suggestion is to keep trying and you may just get back to sleeping normally, as I have. It is also suggested that while watching and listening to their videos, wearing headphones is the best way to feel the tingles and drift off to la la land.

My hope in sharing this is that if you suffer from sleep problems this might just be a way to get back to a normal routine as I have resulting in one happy chick!



11 thoughts on “Time To Sleep”

      1. You explained it just as though it were on a panflet found in doctor’s offices. I actually already use the method, I just didn’t know it had a name *Lol* but I plan to go check out your links anyway. If you say they are great then I know that’s the truth!

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      2. Fantastic news! Being sleep deprived is bad on more than one level so I’m super happy it work’s really good for you! I do have a small bottle of aromatherapy oil in your box which works surprisingly really well to also help. It is fairly strong scent wise but hopefully it won’t cause you any headaches. It shouldn’t as the oils are pure so no additives. Shutting up now..but have lots of catching up to do. 🙂

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      3. Finger’s crossed it doesn’t give u a headache. I might toss one in for anxiety too which actually is great for many mental related things like hamster on a wheel brain.

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