Orlando Sea Life Aquarium

Back in May during our Star Wars Weekend Trip, we visited the I-Live 360 complex that houses Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, The Orlando Eye and the Orlando Sea Life Aquarium. We shared our experiences at the wax museum here and on the Eye here. Now it’s finally time for us to share our experience at the Orlando Sea Life Aquarium.

The I-Live 360 complex is located on International Drive in Orlando. The 3 main attractions listed above are available to visit individually or as many as you’d like depending on the type of ticket that you purchase. We purchased all 3 because we wanted to experience each one. This post is going to be about the experience at the Sea Life Aquarium.

Our experience began with entering the aquarium and taking 3 different pictures. We were not shown the pictures before proceeding into the aquarium. We then meandered through the different tanks and taking in all the fish. We were a little surprised with the array of fish, but not in a good way. For a little background, we have visited many aquariums and Dave is a big fish fan. He has had many fish tanks over his lifetime both freshwater and saltwater. The selection of fish we found to be rather stingy (if that is even the right word!) Most of the fish we saw was not really worth paying to see. The local fish store near our house has about the same selection. We were more than disappointed. Not only that, but our camera batteries were basically dead so we were not able to get many pictures.

Here are some of the things we did get to take pictures of-

At the exit of the aquarium we were greated by some friendly sales people that had a book put together with the pictures we had taken at the entrance of the aquarium. We were given a few different options to purchase the pictures and we decided to because we wanted the pictures as a way to remember our trip. The very first photo in this post was one of them and the rest are posted below.

Overall we had a fun time at the Orlando Sea Life Aquarium. It at times felt a little bit less than what we were expecting but we made do anyways. For the price we didn’t think it was any better than our local aquarium, The Boston Aquarium. We have also visited the aquarium in Tampa and found that their selection was far more vast and unique.


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