Textured Sparkling Sand

I picked up a new set of nail polish by Style Essentials. These polishes are made to have a raised texture to it rather than the typical smooth feeling left with regular nail polish. They are extremely sparkley which makes them a lot of fun! Unfortunately they do not have unique names like most polishes, they actually don’t even have a name! I’m going to take it upon myself to give them a name!


This one I am going to call Pinkish. I really love the tone of this pink color. It’s nice and bright and perfect for the summer!

This yellow/green color I am going to refer to as Limeade, a mix of limes and lemonade. Yet another fitting color for the summer.


I have named this next polish Oceanic. It’s a great blue/aqua color that reminds me of the ocean. The sparkles remind me of the sunshine glittering off the water. This color would be lovely for anytime of year.

The last polish in the collection is going to be called Snowy. It reminds me of the fast approaching winter weather that brings along snow. I think this color would be great for the winter and holiday seasons.

That completes the latest addition to my nail polish collection. Which is your favorite color? Let me know in the comments!


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