Nail Art #43- Tell Me About It Stud!


Isn’t it absolutely the worst when you break a nail? For me, it’s tramatic, even though my husband would tell me I was being a baby! Doesn’t he understand how long it takes to grow them out? Well I clumsily managed to break a nail on my right hand’s ring finger. But this wasn’t just a break, this was almost half of my nail! I know horrific right? So sadly, I decided the time had come to clip them all so that they were all the same length hence the short nails in the pictures. This picture had about a week and a half to grow out after clipping them. Keep reading to see how I completed this look.

  • I started out with a base coat by Nutra Nail.


  • I then applied 2 coats of Damsel by Julie.
  • Once that was completely dry I applied a quick dry top coat by Sally Hansen.
  • After allowing time for all the polish to dry I then applied a coat of Cina bonding top coat onto the nail and quickly placed a nail stud close to my cuticle. To do this I used a sticky pencil purchased through Miss A. A dotting tool can be used in place of the sticky pencil.

Well that completes this look. Here is another picture-


Do you like to use studs for your nail art? Let me know in the comments!


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