Week In Review

We can’t believe how fast these weeks go by!! They’ve been feeling like they are flying by faster and faster. This week for us, was an interesting week. We are just beginning to start house hunting! It’s a lot of emotions all wrapped up. It’s exciting and fun but nerve wracking and making us anxious all at the same time! Hopefully we find something soon so we don’t have to spend forever looking for just the right house! Anywho…. it’s time for the Week In Review!

Horror Block 2Monday August 17, 2015- The week started out with us sharing what was included in our Horror Block- July subscription. This month was as exciting for us as previous months but check out the post to see if you like the items sent to us!

Tags and QuizzesTuesday August 18, 2015- If you are a Harry Potter fan like we are than you may want to check out The Harry Potter Tag. This is where we answered all sorts of questions about our love for Harry Potter and The Wizarding World.

Ipsy Bag 2Wednesday August 19, 2015- Next up is all the contents Laura received in August’s Ipsy Bag! This month’s items was a nice array of different beauty items and of course the makeup bag that Laura instantly fell in love with!

Tags and QuizzesThursday August 20, 2015- Want to know Which Minion You Are? Then head on over to this day’s post and follow the link to complete the quiz! After answering a few questions you can then find out which Minion you are!

Birch Box Friday August 21, 2015- Take a look at Birch Box- August to see all the items Laura received in this month’s Birch Box. This month’s theme was Soak It Up, fitting for the close of the summer. Head on over to see if Laura is liking the products!

Into The CollectionSaturday August 22, 2015- Have you ever tried water decals? Do you love to add a little fun to your nails? If so you will want to see all the New Fun Nail Decals that Laura purchased through Lush Nail Art. Most of them are Disney related and she can’t wait to get to using them!

Well that wraps up another week! Sadly the summer is almost over, the kids are getting ready to go back to school and we are counting down the days till our Halloween Horror Nights Trip! The days are going by so fast that it will be here in the blink of an eye. We hope you had a great week and an even better upcoming week!


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