New Fun Nail Decals!

About 2 weeks ago I received an order of nail art decals that I had placed through Lush Nail Art. I was so excited when it arrived and even more excited to have found such a fun nail art shop. They offer all different kinds of nail decals including seasonal, holidays and even some of your favorite Disney characters! Of course, I instantly fell in love.

Here is what I ordered.


Mickey Nautical shaped decals

Cinderella decals

Mickey head shaped decals

Black cat decals

Frozen decals

The Little Mermaid decals

Star Wars skull decals

Beauty and the Beast decals

Mickey head with Mickey Star Wars decals

Star Wars head decals

Disney villains decals


R2-D2 decals

I have to admit that I’ve already started using the Disney Villains decals and they are fairly easy to use. I basically cut them off the bigger pieces and then floated them in water. Using tweezers I removed the decal from the paper backing and placed them on my already painted nails. I then used a top coat to seal it on. They are  also inexpensive through Lush Nail Art which is why I ordered a few. Sorry that the pictures are not very good. I found these did not photograph easily!

Do you like to use nail decals? Or have you placed an order through Lush Nail Art before? Let me know in the comments!


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