Ipsy Bag- August

Well it is now time for another month of Ipsy! I have been adoring Ipsy. Everything from their products to their make-up bags! I just love it all!

This month’s theme is Prep School. I guess this is their way of incorporating back to school and the upcoming end of summer!

First up is the make-up bag. I am adoring this! I love the pattern and the colors. They all look really great together. The only thing that I would have preferred would have been having the zipper on the very top of the bag, mostly so I don’t end up dumping it all out accidentally. I can totally see myself doing that! Other than that I love it!

Jesse’s Girl Eye Shadow Primer

I have never used this make-up brand before except for their nail polishes. I had been wanting to pick up an eye shadow primer for a bit so I am excited to give this a try.

Marc Anthony True Professional

Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco

I am always excited to try out hair products and this is no exception. I have not used this brand before so I am hoping it works well. The directions state to place 1-3 drops onto damp or dry hair and to distribute from roots to ends. I may end up changing it up a little though mainly because putting oil onto my roots usually ends in a greasy mess. I will more than likely only being applying this to the longer parts of my hair and avoid my roots altogether.

Lord & Berry Nude Lipliner #3035

I don’t typically use a lip liner as I prefer using just a gloss. This brand is new to me so I will give it a try. Although the color is nude it appears to be slightly on the darker side so it might not work for me.

Skinn Luxe Waterproof Eyeliner in Navy Seal

This is also a new brand for me. I am on the fence with this one mostly because I think that black eyeliner works the best for me. I’m always open to new ideas so I’ll give this a shot and hope that it looks nice when I wear it.

Hikari Lip Gloss in Salsa

I am a huge fan of glosses so I really want to try this. The color Salsa is actually much more of a pink/reddish color than what I would normally wear. I am going to give it a shot and see how it looks. I just hope it doesn’t have a sticky texture to it after applying, that’s one of my pet peeves with lip glosses!

Well that wraps up another month of Ipsy’s Glam Bag! I am really excited to try all the products. I love, love, love the make-up bag.

Do you have any subscriptions that you really enjoy? Let me know about them in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag- August”

  1. This looks like such a good back a bit of everything really. If the lip liner is too dark lighten it up with a nude gloss over the top 🙂

    That blue eyeliner is so pretty but I’m with you and tend to only go for black eyeliner. x

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  2. I got the Hikari gloss in Merlot. It lasts like a stain, which I really like. Some people said it isn’t sticky, but I thought it was just a bit. I guess it depends on how you define “sticky” when it comes to lip gloss.

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