Horror Block- July

Well it is now time for July’s Horror Block. For some reason unknown to us this subscription box always manages to post late. We are going to have to do a better job although we have noticed that this box comes very close to the end of the month which makes it harder to get everything done for it.

So from reading the guide card we decided right off the bat that this month was all about showcasing Nerd Block as opposed to really getting into the horror genre. Now we wouldn’t necessarily mind a company shamelessly advertising their other endevours, in all honesty all companies do this, but it becomes annoying when you paid for one thing and basically get another. Not to mention in our last Horror Block post we mentioned just how great these subscription boxes had been. Maybe we jinxed ourselves?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Spike figure

So begins our dilemma…. Neither of us was ever into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and neither of us think of Buffy as being in the horror genre. Regardless, there wasn’t really anything horror about this show except maybe vampires but if that is truly the case then wouldn’t Twilight be a horror movie? We might be wrong about this, but didn’t this show air on the WB? If we are correct isn’t that more of a kid/teenage oriented channel? Maybe we are all wrong about this but either way Buffy fans we are not. Not to mention that this was included in this month’s box because Nerd Block subscribers received a Spike figure this month as well, with only difference being Horror Block subscribers got one with blood on it. Sorry but we subscribe to Horror Block, not Nerd Block and we think that they got this one all wrong!

Choose Their Kill DVD Collection

This DVD was created by Crypt TV and was drawn from an original series. This DVD gives the viewer the option to decide how the character dies! Now this is a big step up from Buffy and we are excited to “Choose Their Kill!” You are given the option to “choose your own misadventure” with 7 different episodes. At least this one gives us options!

American Werewolf Shirt

Ok…. Horror Block you are getting better! This is an awesome t-shirt created by Shirt Punch. In the past, Shirt Punch has contributed many other shirts to the Horror Block subscription boxes. This shirt did not disappoint. The picture above doesn’t do the shirt much justice because most of the shirt is a deep red and in our picture above appears more pink. We promise this though, there isn’t any pink in the actual shirt!

Rue Morgue Magazine- August Issue

This has been a staple in all the Horror Blocks we’ve recieved. We both enjoying reading this magazine because it always has great articles about horror news. It also ususally includes interviews and reviews about all things horror.

The Walking Dead Car Decal

Well we are big fans of The Walking Dead but one thing we both do not do is put decals on our cars! Having said that Dave already has a great place to put this motrifying decal. He has a gaming computer with lots of other scary decals and stickers and this will fit perfectly in with the rest.

DSC06317 (2)

Bonus t-shirt

Well Horror Block you were so close to getting back on track and then you throw in yet another shameless plug! Luckily enough for you we are huge horror fans and will probably continue to subscribe. The shirt we received was from Super Smash Bros. The guide card details this as a bonus t-shirt from either their Classic or Arcade Block so that “you can see what you’ve been missing!” Now here is where we get a little annoyed. If we wanted either of those subscription boxes wouldn’t we have ordered them by now? Not only that but how is taking up all the space in our Horror Block going to make us happy and want to purchase another subscription box? So you can hijack that one too? Thanks but No thanks!

Sorry for all our ranting about this month’s box. It just doesn’t make sense to us. If we wanted something else we would order it right? Is this whole marketing thing with this company and many others just going completely overboard? Or are we missing something? Let us know in the comments!


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