Week In Review

Hello lovely blog readers! Well another week has gone by and we are both glad that it’s over with. It’s been a really tough week. Laura ended up being really sick and ended up in the hospital. She’s doing better now and is home resting. Having said that let’s get to the Week In Review!

Blog AwardsMonday August 10, 2015- Well even though the rest of the week didn’t go so well Monday started out great! We were nominated by the lovely Natalie at The Disney Freak with a bit of Mascara for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out the post to see how you can complete the award!

Nail ArtTuesday August 11, 2015-  Tuesday’s post was all about Changes. Well at least in the sense of color changing nail polish! The polish Laura used was purchased through the Born Pretty Store and is reactive to temperature. Give it a view if you’re interested in a brief tutorial of how she completed Nail Art #42!

Beauty ProductsWednesday August 12, 2015- This day’s post was all about Belle inspired makeup. Belle is Laura’s favorite Disney Princess so when she learned of these products from e.l.f. and Orly she knew she had to have them. They are only available for purchase through Walgreens and she scoured all of the local ones to find them. Boy was she excited to have finally found An Enchanted Beauty Tale Beauty Book: Belle. 

Disney DaysThursday August 13, 2015- Thank goodness for scheduling of posts! This was the day that Laura landed in the emergency room making it a terrible day! But at least Disney Merchandise was already scheduled to post. This post is us sharing some of the different merchandise we saw available in Disney World during our trip in May.

Into The CollectionFriday August 14, 2015- Friday was all about relaxing and feeling better after the terrible Thursday we had! We didn’t have much going on but decided to share the Ciate Big Beauty Bus collection. Laura managed to snag this gem for almost nothing! Check out the post to see what colors are in the collection.

Tag2 Saturday August 15, 2015- Since Laura is still recouperating she thought she’d complete the Favorites Tag in hopes that thinking about her favorite things would cheer her up. It’s helped and she is now in better spirits! Feel free to participate in the tag or leave comments about your favorites!

Well that wraps up another week! Thank goodness because we needed this week to end. We hope you all had a much better week than we did and we hope the upcoming week is even better!


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