Favorites Tag

Favorites Tag

Hello Lovelies! I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this but I just wanted to! I haven’t been feeling too well and thought this might be a way to cheer me up! Hope you enjoy and feel free to complete the tag if you want!

Name Your Favorite…
Place: Home, there’s no place like home!
Person: My husband, he is just the best!
Color: Purple or bright pink
Food: Homemade stuffing
Smell: Hmm…. Not really sure about this one!
Book: Walk Two Moons By Sharon Creech
Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Music artist: Journey
Genre of music: Classic Rock
Genre of literature: Typically sad stuff even though that isn’t a genre!
Magazine: Rue Morgue
Drink: Sprite
Precious stone: Ruby, is that a precious stone?
Animal: Dog
Flower: Sunflowers

Video game: Roller Coaster Tycoon
TV show: Reign

Fruit: Nectatines
Vegetable: Carrots

Historical figure: Princess Diana
Boy’s name: Giordano
Girl’s name: Kenna
Potato chip flavor: Sour cream and onion
Meal of the day: Dinner
Ice cream flavor: Vanilla
Soda: Sprite
Season: Fall
Month of the year: November

Disney princess: Belle

YouTube channel: The Tim Tracker
Eye color: Blue

Dessert: Cheesecake

So those are all of my favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to complete the tag on your blog or leave some of your favorites in the comments below! (I appologize for the weird spacing. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it and it won’t go away!)


4 thoughts on “Favorites Tag”

      1. I could never handle the heat. When I see two native Floridians like them sweating, it leads me to think I’d be half dead. I last went to Disney in the summer when I was a kid – I fear my middle aged constitution can no longer handle the humidity!


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