Ciate Big Beauty Bus

I recently picked up the Ciaté Big Beauty Bus nail polish collection. Now, I’m not usually one to spend alot of $$ for name brands but I got this really cheap so I figured why not? The set included 6 different polishes that I will share with you below.

First up is this white colored polish in Snow Virgin. I use a lot of white polish so this certainly will be put to good use!

The 2nd color is Pom Pom. It’s a red color with a slight hint of orange. This color will be great for the upcoming fall season!

3rd in line is Pool Party. This is a great color and will work well with all seasons. It’s slightly lighter than a navy blue and really pops in the light.

4th in the collection is this gem in Locket. This is a great silver glitter polish which will work well as an accent nail. I adore glitter polishes, well at least until I have to take it off!

This next polish looks almost exactly like Pom Pom in the pictures and in person only looks slightly different. It is actually an orange color and is only slightly lighter than Pom Pom. When I first bought the set I actually thought I had received 2 of the same colors!

Last in the set is this light blue color called Ferris Wheel. I really go like the baby blue color and think it would work well with a navy blue color.

That wraps up the latest polishes going into my already too large of a collection! Do you have a favorite color from this collection? Let me know in the comments!


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