An Enchanted Tale Beauty Book: Belle

I finally managed to track down An Enchanted Tale Beauty Book: Belle by Disney and E.L.F. I had wanted to get it when I first started seeing it online but hadn’t been able to track it down. I finally did and I also managed to buy the rest of the Belle stuff. Here is what I got.


The Belle Beauty Book includes 1 eyeshadow brush, 7 eyeshadow colors, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 2 eyeliner pencils and 1 lip color. Everything is named with a reference back to the movie Beauty and the Beast like eyeshadows called Beast, Mrs. Potts and even Gaston. The book also includes a mirror which is helpful when applying the makeup. It also has 2 pages that give a tutorial on how to give 2 different looks: Inventor’s Daughter and Princess Belle. I am adoring this great beauty book but I am also adoring all the other Belle stuff I was able to get.

Next up is probably one of my favorite pieces. It is a makeup bag that features Belle and Beast and is made by Soho Beauty. It has a small gold strap and the top is also lined with gold around a yellowish colored zipper.

The inside of the bag is just as cute as the outside. It has little silhouettes of Belle and the Beast dancing and roses all in dark pink which looks lovely against the light pink background. I think this is a must have for any Beauty and the Beast fan!

Of course this wouldn’t be a complete collection to the nail polish lover without the nail polishes! This set includes 4 mini nail polishes by Orly. The colors from left to right are –

Bonjour!- a purple pastel

Belle of the Ball- a neon pink

Be Our Guest-  a peach cream

Nose in a Book – a aqua blue

Next up is another 4 mini nail polish set also by Orly. The colors are from left to right.

Enchanted Rose- a  magenta shimmer

Magic Mirror- a lavender

Lumiere’s Light- a glittery gold

Postively Primeval Gaston- a peach shimmer

I absolutely love these colors and of course I love the names of each as well! I enjoy Orly polishes so this will fit right in with my other polishes!

The next addition is this perfume in the frangrance called Fallen Petal. It is designed to be rolled onto the body. I am so excited to use this because I can actually stand the smell! Usually most perfumes will give me really intense headaches but this is such a soft scent that it hasn’t done that. It has a soft and sweet scent that really smells lovely. I can already tell that this will be used a lot!

The next item is eyeshadow and eyeliner in the color Beast. This is made by e.l.f. and has a bronze like color. It is a gel formula with vitamin E used to hydrate the eye area which makes it easy to apply to the eye lids of used as an eyeliner.

The next item is a face palette also made by e.l.f. It has 3 items in it. One is a blush to help create a hint of color to the cheeks. The next is a bronzer accent the cheekbones and the last is a highlighter used to create a gorgeous glow. The bronzer color seems to be a little too dark for me but I will still try it out and see if I can get it to work.

This next item is a lip balm in Strawberry Spell. This light pink balm has a strawberry scent along with specks of gold in the balm to bring in the whole Belle theme. It smells lovely and is the same size as most lip balms so it will easily fit inside of a makeup bag or purse.

This eyeshadow compact is also made by e.l.f. and contains 9 different eye shadow colors. It has quite an array of colors including pinks, green, blue and even some neutral colors making it perfect for any look you may want to create. I just wish that each color had a fun name like some of the other products.

The final item is a super glossy lip gloss in the color called Belle. It is a light shimmery pink (although the picture above appears to be a magenta!) It has a very nice light scent and goes on really smoothly although in my opinion slightly sticky.

That is all of the items I got to complete the Enchanted Tale Beauty Book Set in Belle. She is of course my favorite Disney princess and Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie making these items ones I had to buy!

Have you seen these sets? Is it something you think you might use? Let me know in the comments!


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