Nail Art # 42 Changes

A little while back I purchased a color changing polish from Born Pretty. I really liked the idea of the polish and ended up purchasing a purple color, #104. The bottle is only 6ml in size but I have to say the color is awesome and I’ve ended up really liking it. Here is what I did to create this look.

Brief Tutorial:

  • I started out by using a Keratin 3 day growth treatment for a base coat.
  • I then applied 2 coats of the Born Pretty color changing polish to all nails except the middle fingers.
  • On the middle fingers I applied 2 coats of a silver polish by B.O. I don’t know the name of the color because it is in a different language than English.
  • Once that was completely dry I then applied an Insta-Dry top coat by Sally Hansen.

That completes this look.

In the pictures above you can see the purple nail polish changing. It appears to change with body temperature. From wearing it I have found that it turns darker with warmth and appears lighter with cold. I really love this polish because it looks like a gradient without the extra time and effort needed to create a gradient look. I also really love this silver polish. It works really well. I just wish I could actually read the bottle!

Have you used a color changing polish? If so what was your opinion? Let me know in the comments.


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