Beauty Box 5- Mystery Box


I decided to purchase the Beauty Box 5 Mystery Box. It was only $10.00 so I figured it wasn’t a lot of money to lose even if I didn’t like or enjoy any of the products. I did order a previous Beauty Box 5 a few weeks back mostly because I wanted to try out the Eslor skin kit. Here is what was in my Mystery Box.

Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer

The first item up (or the first 3 items) was Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer. It is used as a silky smooth body bronzer. I don’t typically use bronzers like this. The 8 oz. package claims to not stain clothing and will wash out but I am really doubting that. The directions state to apply using gloves which leads me to believe that it will leave streaking. I’m probably going to pass on these and give them away, mostly because I don’t want to be looking all streaky and freaky with differing colored skintones on my body.

Rave- 4X Mega with Clima Shield

This is an unscented hairspray that is supposed to give your hair extra humidity protection. Living here in New England means that I am going to have to try this out, especially because of all the humidity we’ve been having lately. My hair is instantly effected by humidity and I usually look like I placed my finger in an electrical socket. I have yet to use this hairspray but it is going to be placed on my beauty bucket list so I can see if it can really hold away the humidity.

Glacial Clay Spa

This is a facial mask that contains glacial clay, red grape and arctic cloudberry. The clay is used to provide cleansing. The red grapes provide anti-oxidants to your skin and the arctic cloudberry is used to maintain skins natural barrier. This is a 10-15 minute mask. To use cleanse your face normally and then apply the mask. Wait 10-15 minutes for the mask to enhance your skin. After waiting for the recommended time remove mask and massage anything remaining into skin. Once that is completed rinse face. I really enjoy face masks so I am excited to try this one!

Loreal Nail Polish in HN00

I am a huge nail polish addict so this will be added to my collection. The color is a deep red which I think will be lovely for the fall and winter seasons. I might wait to use it until then but who knows? It might end up getting used well before then!

Eslor Herbal Soothing Gel & Soothing Cream

This is 2 more items that are part of the Eslor HPT System. The way the HPT System works is like this-

To hydrate it uses a high content of Aloe Vera. To protect it uses Safflower Oil which works as a barrier to retain the Aloe Vera in one’s skin. To treat it uses natural ingredients to improve and retain the skin.

The Herbal Soothing Gel is to be applied daily onto face after it has been cleansed.

The Soothing Cream is to be used twice daily, at night and in the morning by applying a small amount on the face.

I also received 3 free samples that I was asked to choose. Here is what I picked-

Travel Lite Antiperspirant Wipe for women- This is to be used as an underarm wipe to decrease presperation.

Novex Queratina Brasileira- This can be used as a hair conditioner after shampooing or it can be used as a deep conditioner. To use it as a deep conditioner it should be massaged onto moist hair and left to sit for 25 minutes under a hair cap. After waiting 25 minutes rinse out. It is used to make hair shiny and soft.

LA Fresh Instant Body Smoother- This is a biodegradable wet wipe. It is in peppermint moisture. To use massage onto temples, shoulders, neck or legs. Once applied you will feel a cooling sensation that is used to decrease fatigue.

Overall I am excited to try out some of the products, with the exception being the body bronzer. Unfortunately I have no love for bronzers. I am also excited to try out the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment, especially since anything that keeps my hair shiny and soft I’m game for. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!


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