Lunch At Planet Hollywood


Back in May, for our Star Wars Weekend trip, we visited Disney Springs and after walking around in the hot sun for a good portion of the afternoon, we decided that we needed to eat some food. We had never eaten at Planet Hollywood so we thought we’d try it out.


On our way in we we were stopped to take a picture which we happily obliged, not really knowing why we were taking this picture. Once we were seated we were approached by a nice young lady that had our pictures printed out. She explained the prices and we ended up purchasing one of them. Here is the picture we purchased. Unfortunately we can not remember the price!


Now time for the food. We started out with an appetizer of tator tots covered in cheese, siracha sauce and shaved pastrami. It was so good! The siracha sauce was really good and not overly spicey. The shaved pastrami was just an added touch that really completed the appetizer.


Next was Laura’s meal. She ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and a side of french fries. It was all really good and Laura had no complaints about her food. The bun was really soft and delicious as well and was served with a side of tomato and lettuce.


Dave ordered a burger, but not just any burger. He got the chef’s specialty burger. He does not remember what was on it but only that he really enjoyed it. We do know that it had bacon and a soft delicious bun. It was served with lettuce, tomato, onion and a side of french fries.


That concludes our lunch at Planet Hollywood. We tried to take pictures of the inside but the restaurant was really dark. Overall we really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. There was only one thing that we found a little strange which was that there was an abundance of staff standing around chit chatting with each other. While they were not bothering us in any way it just seemed a little odd.

Here are the few pictures we were able to take.


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