New Pins to the Collection

We have been collecting Disney pins for years now. We are not hard core pin traders or anything though. We generally purchase a pin or two during our visit as a way to commemorate our  trip. Even though we collect pins we have never actually traded pins. We typically will purchase pins that we actually want to keep so we have yet to trade for anything.

Here are the new pins we bought during our Star Wars Weekend 2015 trip.

First up is Olaf. We are not huge Frozen fans but we do enjoy Olaf, the silly snowman. Plus this pin is just adorable.

Next up is a Star Wars Weekends limited release pin. We are not sure when we will get to visit during another Star Wars Weekend so this pin was a must for us.


Lastly is this Yoda pin. Laura just loved it and thought it was so adorable. The pin is Yoda standing in front of a sign that says you must be this height to ride with Yoda responding with “Judge me by my size do you?” What better way to wrap our love for Disney with our love for Star Wars?

So those are the 3 new pins we added to our pin collection. Do you collect and trade Disney pins? Let us know in the comments.


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