Ipsy Bag- July

Well it’s time for another Ipsy Bag! I usually prefer Ipsy to most other monthly beauty subscriptions but this month’s contents were a little less than expected. Here is what I received this month.


This month’s makeup bag I really like. It’s got a lot of great colors which is great for the summer. I am even enjoying the design. The one thing that I would have preferred would have been to have the zipper on the top edge of the bag to prevent anything from spilling out but it will have to work.


bellápierre lipstick in P.I.N.K

So I think that this is in P.I.N.K. That’s at least what the bottom of the tube says. I must admit though that the lipstick itself is much darker but does go on in a much lighter pink color. Just from looking at the lipstick I would have thought it would have been a much deeper cranberry like color. You know what they say about looks though- deceiving!

Cool Way Beachy Salt Spray

This salt spray is to be used on dry or damp hair. It should be sprayed on and then styled using your hands or a blow dryer with diffuser to give the hair a textured look. I am unsure if I will actually use this because my hair tends to frizz without being glued down. I have in the past used a salt spray when I wear my hair curly so it could end up working.

tarte- Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer 

in Park Ave Princess

This color seems to be a little dark for me so it might not end up getting used. I must admit that I do like the leather like textured look on the outside of the compact but it loses points in my book because there is no mirror on the inside.

Mongongo Nutrient Dense Anti Aging Lip Conditioner 

in Vanilla Coconut Cream

I am always on the lookout for a good lip aid and this one could go either way for me. It is made by Jersey Shore Sun and is organic. I like it’s texture because it goes on thick enough to last and not disappear within minutes of applying it. The thing I am unsure of is the flavor/scent. Vanilla and coconut are not really high on my favorites list. It sort of reminds me of a piña colada which I just find gross. It actually tastes like coconut which means I more than likely won’t be using this often. It will probably be more of a bring along beach item rather than being used daily.

OFRA Eyeshadow and Highlighter in Bliss

I like the color of this eyeshadow. It’s much closer to a color I would normally wear. I tend to stick with more  neutral colors. I had never heard of this brand before so I decided to check out their website at ofracosmetics.com. The cosmetics that they offer look nice so I might at some point try them out.

Overall this month’s Ipsy Bag was a miss for me which is a little unusual because I find that typically I enjoy their bag’s contents. Either way though I am going to try out all the items since I have yet to try all of them.

Did you purchase this month’s Ipsy? If so what did you think of the contents? Let me know in the comments.


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