Horror Block- June


So for some reason we have been really behind with posting our monthly Horror Block subscription. We are finally getting around to posting June’s box, although in our own defense it doesn’t come in until the end of the month. Here is what was included in June’s box.


Content Guide


Aliens Ice Cube Tray

In this month’s box there was 2 different Alien ice cube trays that you could get. The first is a tray that is a mold of an Alien head the 2nd is an Alien egg mold. We received the Alien egg mold. It has a mold for one large egg and 4 smaller sized eggs. We have yet to use it but we thought it was cool, especially since Dave is a big Aliens fan.

Cthulhu Plush

Doesn’t this little guy look so cute? Not so fast! The Cthulhu is a deity that was originally created by H.P. Lovecraft and was first introduced in a short story he wrote called The Call of Cthulhu. It is described as part octopus, part man and part dragon. Still think this little guy is so cuddly and cute?

Rue Morgue Magazine

The July edition of the magazine features the 15th year anniversary of American Psycho on the cover. This magazine is great for celebrating horror in movies, television, music, literature and even video games. It also includes previews of all upcoming things horror and interviews with writers and actors. This is a must have for all horror fans.

Reaction Ghost Face

Some of you might remember Ghost Face from the Scream movies and now the newly made television show. Reaction Figures has made a Horror Series that includes not only Ghost Face but also Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Eric Draven, Pinhead and Sam. Ghost Face is fully posable and even includes his handy knife.

Survive the Night T-shirt

This shirt was made available by Shirt Punch. If you are a Purge fan than you surely will enjoy this shirt. Hey at least if you have to survive the Purge you can do it in style with this t-shirt. Dave is a big fan of the Purge so he is loving this shirt.

Overall we were quite happy with this month’s box contents. Dave really likes the t-shirt and Ghost Face action figure. We didn’t realize that there were even out there for retail. Now that we know that we are going to have to look into getting Sam, the crazy little murderer from Trick R Treat. We really enjoyed that movie and will probably have to pull it out and watch again as we lead up to Halloween and Halloween Horror Nights.

Did you like this month’s box contents or do you enjoy any of the themed items original movies? Let us know in the comments!


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