Visiting For Special Events and Holidays


As you might already know we consider ourselves Disney and Universal Studios junkies! We’ve visited the parks for special events and we thought we would give you the pros and cons of doing so. We’ve visited Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights and Mardi Gras. We’ve also visited Disney for the 4th of July, Star Wars Weekends and Halloween. Now like with all the good in visiting for special events also come the cons. We thought we would share what we have learned through each visit.


We’ll start with the pros-


  • Being at a park for a holiday is extremely exciting.
  • Usually special events are held to include the holiday or event.
  • Disney and Universal do event planning like no other.
  • Dining usually incorporates the theme of the holiday or event.
  • Typically shops will have themed items to purchase.
  • Photo opportunities are a great way to make your trip memorable.


Having said all of the pros now it’s time to move along to the cons!


  • Usually this is the time that the parks are way over crowded because like us, so many other people want to enjoy the event.
  • Long, long, long lines and wait times.
  • Some events will charge an admission on top of your park admittance fee or a separate admittance fee.
  • Reservations fill up early and if your not on the bandwagon earlier in the game you might not be able to get a reservation.
  • Ridiculous people- Yup, I said it! Be prepared to encounter all sorts of folks. Most are fine but holidays and special events have a great way of bringing everyone out (kind of like a full moon.)
  • Typically, because of over crowding be prepared to not be able to see everything you wanted to. It happens a lot!
  • Cast Members/Employees are human too! We’ve certainly met some great ones but we’ve also had some run ins with a few that were not so thrilled to be spending their holidays at the parks. We don’t take it personally because if we were in their shoes we’d rather be spending our holidays with family or friends and not working too!


Well that wraps up our pros and cons of visiting the parks during holidays and special events. Unfortunately our cons list is much longer than our pros list but that doesn’t hinder us from still visiting during those special times. Since we’ve visited during holidays and events before we know what to expect and can usually plan around it. Having said that we also feel that it’s important for us to share so that first time holiday goers have an honest idea of what to expect. Even though you’re at the “happiest place on Earth” stuff still happens and it’s important to know especially since visiting is not a cheap expense!


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