Nail Art #40-Sea Shelled


I figured I’d use the summer as my inspiration for this nail art look. What better way to spend a beautiful summer day than at the beach? Unfortunately I haven’t been to the beach at all this summer so I figured it was time to bring the beach to me!

Here’s how I created this look.


  • I started out by applying a 3 day growth treatment.


  • I then applied 2 coats of Sally Hansen xtreme wear polish in Kelp Yourself.


  • Once that was completely dry I used a top coat/bonder by Cina on my ring fingers. I then used a small funnel to slowly apply the small chunks of sea shells onto the wet bonder. (The funnel and the sea shells came in a nail set I had previously purchased.)
  • I waited about 15 minutes for the shells to adhere to the nail.
  • Once it was all I dry I applied a speed dry top coat by Sally Hansen.

That’s all I did to complete this beachy, summery look. Here are some additional pictures.



Overall I really enjoyed this look. It was really easy to complete and was great to tie into the summer season! I will more than likely try this look again (possibly in another color polish) before the summer ends. Have you ever tried using sea shells on your nails? Let me know in the comments!


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