Week In Review


Hello Lovelies! First off we must apologize as this week has been so busy! We unfortunately didn’t have the time to blog everyday. Normally we schedule out our posts but it just didn’t happen this week. We are hoping that in the near future we can develop a more routine schedule for each topic we right about. So without anymore rambling here’s what posted this week!

DSC06080Monday July 13, 2015- The week started out with July’s Birch Box. The theme was Beachy and Bright. Laura is still unsure about the Birch Box subscription and this month’s contents didn’t exactly change her mind. This subscription might just end up being canceled.

DSC00334Tuesday July 14, 2015- Who doesn’t love a good tag? After being tagged awhile back we finally completed The Disney Quote Challenge. Check out this post to see what we chose.

Wednesday July 15, 2015- We know that at this point most people are probably sick of Frozen but we just couldn’t help ourselves. The quote we used was from Frozen and really applies to our lives so check out Day 2 of the Disney Quote Challenge.

0006806047279 (2)Thursday July 16, 2015- The final day of the Disney Quote Challenge. On this day we chose a quote from Snow White. We think that this quote can be one to live by because everyone needs a little sunshine.

Giveaway!Saturday July 18, 2015- Our very first giveaway ended and we announced the lucky winner, Chickie B! Congrats to you Chickie B, we hope you enjoy the Disney’s Dare to Dream set featuring Mulan and we hope your birthday was fantastic!

Well that wraps up another Week In Review! We hope you all had a great week and an even better upcoming week! Don’t forget to check back in to see what we are up to!


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